A Mass Lesson - History

A Mass Lesson - History

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Assembly- An elected group of lawmakers
Cash crops- Crops that are sold for for money- such as tobacco, sugar of cotton
Class- Defining parts of a society based on their income and wealth. Society often has upper middle and lower class members
Democratic- A system of government in which those who make and carry out law are elected by the people.
Export- Items that produced and then sold overseas.
Import- Items that are made or grown outside the country and then shipped into the country
Indentured servant- Someone who works for someone else for a fixed period of time or until they pay off the debt that they owe that person or someone else
Joint- Stock Company-A company that sells shares to the public and who then shares the profits as well as the risks
Mayflower Compact- A document signed by the adult males aboard the ship Mayflower before landing in Plymouth. The members agreed to follow the rules established by the majority, and governor so appointed.
Petition- To make a request either in writing or orally
Plantation- A large farm in which either slaves or low paid workers do much of the work growing cash crops
Petition- To make a request either in writing or orally
Proprietary colony- A colony that was owned by specific people, whose goal was to earn a personal profit from the colony.
Puritans- A religious group initially in England that did not accept the practices of the Church of England and attempted to purify the religion. They tried to change the church from within. Most puritans settled in New England.
Quakers A religious group that believed that all people, rich or poor were equal before God. They refused to serve in the military, let women speak at their meetings and did not believe in paying taxes.
Rights- The powers or privileges that people have that cannot be taken away by the government
Rural- people who live on farms or in small villages
Separatist- These people were so unhappy with the state of the Anglican church, they separated themselves from the church and prayed separately. They were persecuted by the government and many moved to Holland and then to New England as Pilgrims
Starving Time- That period in Jamestowns history x the third winter where almost 90% of the people died of starvation
Subsistence Farming- Farming to grow food just to meet a families own needs
Urban- People who live in cities

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