Day 253 September282011 - History

Day 253 September282011 - History

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Today in History: Today is Wednesday, Sept. 9, the 253rd day of 2020.

In 1543, Mary Stuart was crowned Queen of Scots at Stirling Castle, nine months after she was born.

In 1850, California became the 31st state of the union.

In 1942, during World War II, a Japanese plane launched from a submarine off the Oregon coast dropped a pair of incendiary bombs in a failed attempt at igniting a massive forest fire it was the first aerial bombing of the U.S. mainland by a foreign power.

In 1948, the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea) was declared.

In 1956, Elvis Presley made the first of three appearances on “The Ed Sullivan Show.”

In 1971, prisoners seized control of the maximum-security Attica Correctional Facility near Buffalo, New York, beginning a siege that ended up claiming 43 lives.

In 1986, Frank Reed, director of a private school in Lebanon, was taken hostage he was released 44 months later.

In 1991, boxer Mike Tyson was indicted in Indianapolis on a charge of raping Desiree Washington, a beauty pageant contestant. (Tyson was convicted and ended up serving three years of a six-year prison sentence.)

In 2005, Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Michael Brown, the principal target of harsh criticism of the Bush administration’s response to Hurricane Katrina, was relieved of his onsite command.

In 2013, four days of vehicular gridlock began near the George Washington Bridge when two of three approach lanes from Fort Lee, New Jersey, were blocked off the traffic jam was later blamed on loyalists to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie over the refusal of Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich (SAHK’-oh-lich) to endorse Christie for re-election. (Two political insiders were convicted for their roles in the closure a unanimous Supreme Court later threw out the convictions. Christie denied any prior knowledge of the lane closures, but the episode helped derail his 2016 presidential bid.)

In 2014, Apple unveiled its long-anticipated smartwatch as well as the next generation of its iPhone.

In 2016, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, speaking at an LGBT fundraiser in New York City, described half of Republican Donald Trump’s supporters as “a basket of deplorables,” a characterization for which she would end up expressing regret.

Ten years ago: A natural gas pipeline explosion killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes in the San Francisco suburb of San Bruno, California. Iran said it would free Sarah Shourd, one of three American hikers held for more than 13 months on spying accusations, as an act of clemency to mark the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. (Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal were sentenced in August 2011 to eight years in prison, but were released the following month.)

Five years ago: Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch in British history, serving as sovereign for 23,226 days (about 63 years and 7 months), according to Buckingham Palace, surpassing Queen Victoria, her great-great-grandmother. New York became the first U.S. city to require salt warnings on chain-restaurant menus.

One year ago: Coast Guard rescuers pulled four trapped South Korean crew members alive from a cargo ship, more than a day after the ship overturned as it left a port in Brunswick, Georgia. President Donald Trump said peace talks with the Taliban were now “dead,” two days after he abruptly canceled a secret meeting he had arranged with Taliban and Afghan leaders. The acting chief scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said the agency had likely violated its scientific integrity rules by publicly chastising a weather office that had contradicted Trump concerning a hurricane threat to Alabama.

Today’s Birthdays: Actor Topol is 85. Singer Inez Foxx is 78. Singer Dee Dee Sharp is 75. College Football Hall of Famer and former NFL player Joe Theismann is 71. Rock musician John McFee (The Doobie Brothers) is 70. Actor Tom Wopat is 69. Actor Angela Cartwright is 68. Musician-producer Dave Stewart is 68. Actor Hugh Grant is 60. Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., is 57. Actor-comedian Charles Esten (formerly Chip) is 55. Actor Constance Marie is 55. Actor David Bennent is 54. Actor Adam Sandler is 54. Rock singer Paul Durham (Black Lab) is 52. Actor Julia Sawalha (suh-WAHL’-hah) is 52. Model Rachel Hunter is 51. Actor Eric Stonestreet is 49. Actor Henry Thomas is 49. Actor Goran Visnjic (VEEZ’-nihch) is 48.

Pop-jazz singer Michael Buble’ (boo-BLAY’) is 45. Latin singer Maria Rita is 43. Actor Michelle Williams is 40. Actor Julie Gonzalo is 39. Neo-soul singer Paul Janeway (St. Paul & the Broken Bones) is 37. Actor Zoe Kazan is 37. Author-motivational speaker-businessman Farrah Gray is 36. Actor Kelsey Asbille is 29. Contemporary Christian singer Lauren Daigle is 29. Country singer-songwriter Hunter Hayes is 29.

A Brief History of Antibiotics: From Penicillin to Modern-Day Medicine

Scientists have always been striving for a magic bullet to get rid of diseases. (Image: Konstantin Kolosov/Shutterstock)

Striving for a Magic Bullet

Scientists at the time were striving for a ‘magic bullet’ that could rid the body of infecting organisms without harming the patient, a concept still striven for today. One such effort occurred in 1888 when German scientists observed that the bacterium Pseudomonas Aeruginosa produced a substance in the test tube known as pyocyanase.

Laboratory studies showed that pyocyanase killed dangerous bacteria like staphylococcus. However, when it was tried in patients, it was unsuccessful and even toxic. Nevertheless, pyocyanase was used for nearly 30 more years as a topical skin antibiotic.

In 1910, Paul Ehrlich, a German chemist, took a different approach. He used a chemical compound called salvarsan, an arsenic derivative, to treat syphilis. The drug was toxic, but it represented the first partial success in syphilis treatment.

Dr. Fleming was working in London in the 1920s on a natural chemical from human tears that had antibacterial properties, called lysozyme, which caused bacteria to fall apart. This too never really succeeded as an antibiotic, but it did show that humans could produce a natural antibacterial substance.

This is a transcript from the video series An Introduction to Infectious Diseases. Watch it now, on Wondrium.

The Fate of the World in a Petri Dish

In 1928, a strange twist of fate occurred—after returning from vacation, Fleming noticed a petri dish with staphylococcal bacteria whose growth had been inhibited by a mold growing in the adjacent area.

The original dried plate Alexander Fleming used remains to this day in the archives of St. Mary’s Hospital in London. (Image: chrisdorney/Shutterstock)

He eventually demonstrated that the mold was a Penicillium fungus. So, an unknown substance, produced by the mold, must have traveled across the agar plate to kill the bacteria. This substance was henceforth named penicillin. The original dried plate still remains today in the archives of St. Mary’s Hospital in London. But it would still be another 10 to 15 years before full advantage could be taken of this discovery, with penicillin’s first human use in 1941.

Although Dr. Fleming warned in 1945 that the misuse of penicillin would lead to mutant-resistant bacteria, by 1946, a study showed that 14 percent of staph aureus were already resistant to penicillin, and today it’s greater than 95 percent.

In the 1930s, Gerhard Domagk, a German professor, was examining an assortment of chemical dyes for their possible antibiotic effect. One man-made dye, called prontosil, was active against mice infected with streptococcal bacteria.

Sulfa even saved the life of Winston Churchill in 1943, when he developed pneumonia while traveling in North Africa. Churchill said: “There is no doubt that pneumonia is a very different illness from what it was before this marvelous drug was discovered.”

Buckle Up because It Is Full Speed Ahead

In 1939, scientists working at the Rockefeller Institute discovered a bacterium in the soil, Bacillus Brevis, which produced a compound that inhibited gram-positive bacteria. This substance contained gramicidin, which has antibacterial properties. But unfortunately, gramicidin was also too toxic when orally consumed.

But similar to Fleming’s pyocyanase, gramicidin was used as a topical skin antibiotic. Elsie, the famous cow of the Borden Company, was one of the first patients to be successfully treated with gramicidin. While attending the 1939 World’s Fair, Elsie developed mastitis, an infection of her udder tissues.

In the 1940s fueled by the new excitement that was generated from sulfonamide and gramicidin, there was renewed interest in pursuing the development of penicillin. Englishman Howard Florey and German-born Ernst Chain learned how to extract penicillin and to produce it in sufficient amounts to test in animals.

Penicillin was subsequently released for human testing for those who were considered near death, often with dramatically favorable results. Florey also managed to convince the United States government to support large-scale production.

The Discovery of Streptomycin

The story of antibiotics would not be complete unless it included the discovery of streptomycin in 1943, the first useful drug for tuberculosis, or TB treatment. The bacterium that produces streptomycin was found in a farmer’s field. Not only was streptomycin able to treat TB, but it was useful to cure gram-negative bacterial infections, which penicillin could not.

However, when streptomycin was used alone for TB, not unexpectedly, resistance emerged, and damage by streptomycin to the kidneys prompted further development of an improved antibiotic, neomycin.

The Antibiotics That Attacked Everything

Up to that point, the antibiotics discovered attacked either gram-positive or gram-negative bacteria, but not both. In 1947, a Yale researcher discovered an antibiotic from a soil sample collected in a field in Caracas, Venezuela, and he named it chloramphenicol. This was the first ‘broad-spectrum’ antibiotic to exhibit activity against germs with different cell walls and varied gram staining characteristics.

For someone who was a child in the 1950s, it is likely that they were treated with this antibiotic. However, chloramphenicol isn’t heard about today. It was a first-line drug for typhus and typhoid fever in the mid-1900s. Unfortunately, a rare idiosyncratic side effect of total blood-cell production shutdown occurred in a tiny percentage of treated patients, but this was enough to taint the use of chloramphenicol.

In 1948, another broad-spectrum antibiotic named aureomycin was being studied. This was a prototype drug for the class of drugs known as tetracycline.

Debuted in 1967, cephalosporins are still one of the first-line antibiotics in use nowadays. (Image: Fahroni/Shutterstock)

In 1964, other beta lactam drugs known as cephalosporins made their debut. They are structurally similar to penicillin and disrupt the bacterial cell wall in a very similar manner. They were discovered from extracts of a mold found in a sewer off the coast of Sardinia by an Italian microbiologist. It took nearly two decades, however, to purify these antibiotics for clinical use.

Cephalexin, an oral antibiotic, made its debut in 1967 and is still one of the major first-line antibiotics in use today. The intravenous form of cefazolin is given to virtually every patient receiving antibiotic prophylaxis for surgical procedures today.

Common Questions about a Brief History of Antibiotics

Yes. Even Dr. Fleming himself expected the misuse of Penicillin in 1945, predicting that it would lead to more resistant bacteria.

A broad-spectrum antibiotic can have effects against different types of bacteria. Unlike Penicillin , this type of antibiotic wasn’t used before 1947 until a researcher found one type of it in a soil sample.

There is a natural chemical in human tears that acts as sort of a natural antibiotic. Dr. Fleming was studying this substance before he discovered Penicillin .

Day 253 September282011 - History

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, I thought I’d re-post this one from 2010…

Some recent ads making fun of redheads has brought gingerism — or hateful attitudes and behavior towards people with red hair, light skin, and freckles — into the news lately.

It appears to be an ongoing form of discrimination, especially in Britain. Men and boys appear to be more frequent targets than women and girls, who at least are sometimes seen as uniquely beautiful. A recent series of verbal and physical attacks is nicely documented at Wikipedia. They include a stabbing, a family who has had to move twice after their children were bullied, a woman who won a sexual harassment suit after being targeted for her red hair, and a boy who committed suicide after being teased relentlessly.

The prejudice may be related to the long-standing antagonism between Britain and Ireland discrimination against the Irish by the British crossed the Atlantic with early Americans. As late as the 1800s the Irish were demeaned, negatively stereotyped, and compared with apes in the United States.

Katrin brought our attention to this ad for Tesco. Tesco voluntarily withdrew their ad after complaints. And an ad for npower generated a handful of complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority. The Authority declared that the humor was unlikely to cause widespread offense (BBC).

Katrin also sent in M.I.A.’s video for the song “Born Free.” It was pulled from YouTube for excessive violence and inappropriate content. Among other themes, it shows red-headed, freckled adolescents being rounded up by the police (this becomes clear at about 2:45), taken out to a deserted area, shot at or bombed, and physically attacked. The video is supposed to highlight ethnic cleansing, though a number of critics argue the gratuitous violence overshadows any political point. It’s about 10 minutes long, but you don’t have to watch the whole thing to get the idea:

Lisa Wade, PhD is an Associate Professor at Tulane University. She is the author of American Hookup, a book about college sexual culture a textbook about gender and a forthcoming introductory text: Terrible Magnificent Sociology. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Comments 146

Oberhamsi &mdash March 23, 2010

there is an old, southpark episode about "Gingervitus". as always very offensive.

Ginger Kids
Cartman suffers from a mysterious and sudden on-set of the disease, Gingervitus. Sick and tired of being ripped-on because he now has red hair, light skin and freckles, he rallies all ginger kids everywhere to fight against discrimination.

Deaf Indian Muslim Anarchist &mdash March 23, 2010

It's so stupid! i LOVE ginger boys. Red hair, pale skin, freckles, get me HOT. mmmm PAUL BETTANY, DAMIAN LEWIS.

I also think ginger girls are gorgeous! If I was born white, I'd want to be born with fiery red hair or be raven-haired.

Bepl &mdash March 23, 2010

My nanny was from Scotland and had the most gorgeous thick red hair. I've never seen anyone since with hair as beautiful as her's. She was always surprised how people in Canada fawned over her hair, because she had always been teased back home.

Carrie &mdash March 23, 2010

'Gingerism appears to be ongoing, especially in Britain.'
Definately. It goes on a lot here, but it is mostly seen as 'acceptable' abuse. That's how these kind of adverts keep getting made.

In my experience, no-one really kicks up a fuss if a ginger child is being teased for their hair by the other kids, compared to say, if they were teasing a child of a different ethnic group for how they look. And I think it gets worse for teenagers - the term used a lot when I was at school was ging-er (pronounced like ringer) - i.e. from 'ginger minger' (minger = ugly).

There's also a sketch show quite popular here, the Catherine Tate show (I don't know whether you have it at all in the U.S.). But she does a sketch about ginger abuse. This link shows it:

It would be funny. if gingerism was just 'lighthearted teasing', as many people seem to view it here in the UK. But once you are aware of how gingerism actually does ruin lives, it becomes kind of. well, slightly eerie.

Jen &mdash March 23, 2010

I have naturally red hair and do get offended at commercials like this. I love my hair but definitely was teased in school for my red hair (this was before ginger was a popular term--mostly called carrot top). I have many friends that have told me that they think "gingers are ugly, I could never be attracted to a ginger, you gingers freak me out" and other things similar to this. I would say this gingerism is definitely catching on in the US and is mostly "followed" by people in the their 20's or younger.

Jem &mdash March 23, 2010

The Tesco one was actually a Christmas card that they recalled after an offended mother complained on national TV. Also, as a Southern redheaded Brit, I've only come across the discrimination against Scots, rather than the Irish. It's always been a kind of friendly rivalry that has picked up pace, and has become more obvious - and of a worse kind - since racism, sexism and homophobia have been frowned upon. It's almost as if society is looking for something new to discriminate against.

Selidor &mdash March 23, 2010

I used to loathe my red hair. I was fortunate enough to never have been bullied over it, but there was no shortage of disparaging comments about other ginger people or ginger hair in general.

When I was about fifteen I had a conversation with a friend about why everyone seemed to dislike red hair after a small classroom incident (some of the younger students came into our classroom and asked permission to take a few strands of someone's hair for a science class and decided on mine because I'm a redhead, and some of my classmates decided this wasn't sufficient disruption and proceeded to scream in horror at the fact that people actually wanted to touch my hair). My friend informed me that people were weird about ginger hair because ginger people had oddly coloured pubic hair, instead of being "brown, like everyone else's". I was pretty confused because I was pretty sure that most people - ginger or otherwise - didn't have exactly the same colour pubic hair as everyone else, and because I wasn't sure why it mattered in the first place. 'Ginger pubes' was a pretty common insult against people with red hair at the time (I'm not sure if it still is, although that was only about five years ago).

I'm a language student and I live outside of the UK now, and actually get compliments on it from people other than my family and my hairdresser, which was quite a pleasant change.

Shale &mdash March 23, 2010

Growing up in Western Canada I never even heard the term "ginger" until those South Park episodes aired then all of a sudden everybody new what red heads were, and how they were different. Now the term is pretty common here. It's funny/scary to me how a group that didn't exist before (in my corner of the world) now does because of a South Park episode trying to make a point about racism.

I also agree with the point that this could be worse for male gingers than female although maybe just different. Pretty women with red hair are often sought after in much the same creepy way that asians and black women sometimes are.

Lindsay &mdash March 23, 2010

You have to watch this video. done by a hilarious "ginger":

Sue &mdash March 23, 2010

I don't get it. I've always had a thing for guys with red hair. Everybody deserves a little lovin'.

Alexicute &mdash March 23, 2010

me and my brother are both red. He is a really firey red but never had skin that was that pale and I'm more of a strawberry blonde with v. pale sking but only a small band of freckles. Both of us have deep blue eyes. I always resented how narrowly people define ginger colouring. Within "ginger" we come in all types ya know! I've always been proud that I have a unique look.

We grew up in the UK and I had a about a 50/50 spread of good to bad comments but for my brother people are always mean. Apparently girls have said some mean things about him, and I do worry that some girls won't give him a second look purely because he is ginger. He should move to canada with me where people LOVE the red hair.

Kelsey &mdash March 23, 2010

I used to hate my red hair. When I was little, I would get made fun of for it sometimes. Kids would say I had orange hair and call me carrot top. I would always say I had auburn hair, not red. But then at some point in high school, I decided I actually liked it. My red hair makes me stand out. I'm unique. :)

Also, "as late as the 1800s?" Irish-bashing continued into the 1900s: "Irish need not apply" signs, political cartoons depicting Irish people as subhuman.

Allison &mdash March 23, 2010

I've frequently heard the term "red-headed stepchild" to refer to someone kicked around or unloved (sort of in the vein of "chopped liver" or something like that)--as in, "What am I, the red-headed stepchild?!"

I've also heard conflicting explanations of the "red-headed" part--either included just because it's an unlikeable trait, OR, as a part of the stepchild theme, as in, everyone knows that you don't belong with the family because you stand out with your red hair.

MaggieDanger &mdash March 23, 2010

The fact that South Park keeps influencing large swaths of American youths to act out their satire unironically. it makes me weep. South Park is genius. A large, LARGE chunk of their viewership is not.

And yes, I've heard that South Park episode quoted by MANY people in America and Canada as their first real exposure to gingerism. But a lot of them thought it was funny and also agreed "gingers are gross." No. ARGH! YOU LOSE TELEVISION WATCHING PRIVILEGES.

Legatoblue &mdash March 23, 2010

Hmm, this is so weird to me. I've only thought of red hair in positive ways, as in it's attractive. I'm from the U.S. and read a lot of comics so the redheads that immediately came to mind were MJ, Jean Grey, Vic Sage (The Question), Poison Ivy, all awesome fictional characters.

Kat &mdash March 23, 2010

"Tocher has shown that on an average more persons become insane in
parts of Scotland where there is an excess of light-eyed persons in the population, and in a much less degree where there is an excess of dark-haired persons. Lunacy,he states, is distinctly correlated positively to light eyes and in a much less degree to dark hair, and is, distinctly correlated negatively to red hair, and in a less degree to dark eyes. There is thus a greater tendency to insanity among light-eyed and dark-haired persons, and a lesser tendency to insanity among red-haired and dark-eyed persons, compared in both cases with the general population."
1911 Medical Journal

Kat &mdash March 23, 2010

What is missing: Red hair has also since at least Medieval times been associated with being Jewish. (I actually thought that was the origin of the red-headed stepchild).

"described in Arabic sources as having red hair, a trait associated with the Devil in medieval Germany" (well, not just Medieval Germany- my grandma is hardly "Medieval" and also associates red hair with the devil. she is semi-serious)

I just googled it and Stormfront has some "lovely" articles on Jews and red hair.

The Jewish Encyclopedia (early 1900s) has this:
"The high proportion of red hair among the Jews has been considered as characteristic among some anthropologists. It appears to be not of recent origin, and was not uncommon among the ancient Hebrews. (Esau had red hair)".

Judas is also always painted as having red hair:
Judas, red hair and the Jews

Makenzie &mdash March 23, 2010

This is just baffling to me.

Sarah &mdash March 23, 2010

Men and boys appear to be more frequent targets than women and girls, who at least are sometimes seen as uniquely beautiful.

I'm so glad that you mentioned this in the post. This is the one area I can think of (I'm sure there are others, though) where men are punished more for an "undesirable" physical attribute than women.

Tess &mdash March 23, 2010

In Australia red heads are often called "rangas", a shortening of orangutang. Men and women seem to be equal targets (from what I've seen). I haven't seen any times where the person in question was greatly offended, it seems to be used more as a friendly insult rather than a serious one.

Splack &mdash March 24, 2010

I think the worst I've seen is the stuff people say about Lindsay Lohan.

Vicky S &mdash March 24, 2010

I was discussing this with my partner last night becuase I have not seen that much evidence of ginger bashing in real life. But then I live (and grew up) in NE Scotland where obviously there are going to be more red-headed people. My partner grew up in Wales and he told me that it is very common to deride gingers down there - that redheaded girls are seen as bimbos and boys are thought of as stupid (the same thing?).
Growing up I was aware that people made jokes about redheads but never really bought in to the whole idea of ginger as a disability (which is what many of these jokes allude to).
Personally I think red hair is as beautiful as brown hair as blonde hair as black hair and everything in between. It's the person underneath the hair that influences my opinion of them.

The Electro Monster &mdash March 24, 2010

Don't forget the Angry Ginger kid on Youtube (search for "Gingers Do Have Souls"). He's got a good cause, but I think he may be going about it the wrong way, as in, hysterically yelling at the camera. It just encourages people to upload remixes.

Deenie &mdash March 24, 2010

The Australian comedian Tim Minchin has a great song about this very problem, speaking for all of us gingers:

Ragnvaeig &mdash March 24, 2010

I am female and was the target of teasing during childhood 20-25 years ago in multiple parts of the US because of my red hair my redhead brother and sister both had difficulty because of it, too. The popularity of the comedian "Carrot Top" made it especially difficult because he capitalized on his ridiculousness.

One of the difficulties I still have with being a redhead is that men who are trying to chat me up ask me frequently whether "the carpet matches the drapes." Making sure the colour is "real" seems to be high on the list of priorities in those interested in redhead females.

Jen &mdash March 24, 2010

And blondes are dumb, and brunettes are mousy and boring.

White people do get teased for their hair colour, and bullying = bad, but I'll go out on a limb and say that they probably have it better than POCs.

GEM &mdash March 24, 2010

And people get teased and killed for having no colour in their hair. People with albinism in countries such as Tanzania and Burundi have been killed so their body parts can be used by witchdoctors.

Squizzlenut &mdash March 24, 2010

I'm from the southern UK and I've definitely been the target of this before. I spent most of secondary school hearing "Gingeeeer!" every time I walked past a group of boys. I think the most common insults were 'ginger minger', 'ginger pubes' (because its. bad that the colour is natural? I dunno.) and just 'ginger'. That would have been about four or five years ago and people rarely insult me directly any more, but everyone still makes jokes about 'gingers' even when there's redheads in the room. I don't exactly find it offensive, but it can really bring down my mood with all the memories it brings back.

I think the worst part was I was totally unprepared for it, I was golden blonde until I was about 10, with a flame-headed little sister, so I didn't even think I WAS a redhead. It was quite a shock to move up to secondary school with golden brown hair that only had the tiniest hint of red and suddenly be 'ginger minger' for the rest of my school life. Oddly, one of the boys who teased me most had dark red hair himself, but was able to deny it and be supported by the rest of the group because he was popular.

Thinking of my sister, I would like to point out something about the beautiful aspect. It's true that men and boys are almost never considered to be 'uniquely beautiful' because of their hair, but it's not much better for more than a few girls. The 'uniquely beautiful' clause only applies to women with SERIOUSLY red hair, flaming, dark red or auburn, and it has to be long and glossy. The smallest hint of red in a girl's hair will get her labelled as 'ginger', but only the most gorgeous and unusual shades will rescue her from it. My sister was teased far less than I was, despite her flaming-red hair, because hers fell into the 'beautiful' range.

Not that she completely escaped the cries of 'ginger pubes!' mind you, she just had a lot of compliments to balance it out.

Angela &mdash March 24, 2010

Wow. I spend money to have my dish-water blonde hair dyed various shades of red, from "carrot-top" red to deep auburn to crazy stop-light red. I've always thought red hair was more interesting than blonde or brown.

Mahjani &mdash March 24, 2010

Wow. I honestly had no idea that this was a real phenomenon. I am in the southern US and I have never seen or heard any negative traits or statements about people with red hair. (I have red-haired friends and family members, so I should have run across at least some if it was widespread here.) I thought it was quite funny on south park because I thought it was super-ironic in that hair color was something that would never be treated like race. I am off to educate myself on this. I am completely floored that this is an actual category of discrimination in some areas.

Queenstuss &mdash March 25, 2010

Lol. I always desperately wanted red hair, and my mum always really wanted a redhead child (she figured she was in for a chance seeing as her dad is Scottish). My best friend had orange hair and freckles. I'd heard red heads called blue and carrot top. As an adult we had a friend who we called the Ginger Ninja.
And just in the last year, since my brother started dating a redhead, and my sister declared she was looking for a 'ranga' and will go to Scotland to find one if need be, I discovered that people were picked on for being redheaded! My other sister even sent us all that first image and we laughed at it saying my brother's kids would be okay then.
Living in northern Australia, the worst thing about being redheaded or really pale is that you can't think about the sun without getting burnt - or at least that's always been my understanding.
I feel like I've been living under a rock.

Eve &mdash March 25, 2010

I'm from the US, and I never really knew about this problem. I even watched Catherine Tate's "Ginger Refuge" sketch on You Tube and thought it was just a funny send-up of other kinds of oppression. I wonder why things are so different here.

I remember as a kid I read and watched Anne of Green Gables and was baffled as to why Anne hated her red hair so much. She was a classic ginger, though that word wasn't used then. I just assumed that it was part of the beauty scheme of the time, like how Diana was considered more beautiful than Anne because she was plumper. Apparently there's this whole red hair baggage that was extant in Canada at the time but seems to have died out.

Thisbe &mdash March 25, 2010

Gingerism is also very prevalent in Ireland itself, possibly worse than in Britain.

Buddy McCue &mdash March 26, 2010

I live in the Southern U.S., and this doesn't make much sense to me.

What's wrong with red hair? I think it's beautiful.

Ketchup &mdash March 28, 2010

I found the Santa Claus ad particularly vile.

Al oof &mdash March 28, 2010

i dye my hair red fairly often. i've always had a 'thing' for redheads, which i assume is because my brother, when he had hair, was a redhead, as was my mom, before she started dyeing it blond. she and her redheaded sister both dye their hair blond now, which i think has something to do with going gray (they are both in their late 60's), but maybe they were just bored.

anyway, we all live in the northeast US. my aunt used to work at a racetrack when she was young, and people would rub her head for good luck. and when my brother was in 2nd grade, there were 2 redheads in his class and the teacher would let the other kids verbally torture them. i wasn't in school yet then and because of that and my other brothers' troubles in the highschool in our town, my mom ended up sending us to a local private school. but when i tell people about the reason i went to private grammar school, they don't believe that the public school teacher had a problem with redheads. it seems so bizarre.

Jen &mdash June 1, 2010

I know I'm coming in really late, but I have to say I had a completely different reading of this. the violence was gratuitous but it also had a point, referencing Guantanamo Bay and Palestine (early in the video one of the characters wears a Palestinian scarf and throws rocks at army trucks, just as some Palestinian youths famously throw rocks at Israeli soldiers). To me it was clear the video was saying that the Palestinian Occupation and the detainment of (possibly innocent) Muslims in Guantanamo Bay happen as a result of racism, and that people with red hair were shown being being persecuted in order to show how wrong and ridiculous it is to persecute any group. So the message of the video was anti-racism, whether that be racism directed towards people with orange hair or any other group. I really appreciate the message of this video: I think it's meant to shock us and remind us not to accept the anti-Muslim sentiment that is creeping into every day life more and more in the West.

I do agree that it was insensitive to pick redheads as the group being persecuted, since this is a group that does experience some discrimination in real life.

Genevieve Loh Tells Us Who is Hideous » Sociological Images &mdash June 13, 2010

[. ] Orcs, and Jabba the Hut) are fat people (Fat Bastard, who they also critique for being a “ginger,” and Tom Cruise’s character in Tropic Thunder who is also described as fat), people with [. ]

Riot Nrrd - #31: Rage Interlude &mdash July 13, 2010

[. ] got heated about this topic. from happenings in my personal life, but Sociological Images made this post on the topic, which included this very disturbing paragraph: Gingerism appears to be ongoing, [. ]

Willy &mdash November 23, 2010

Here's why Ginger-ism doesn't matter in America.

In America, the divide is between Whites, Blacks, and Latinos. Problem solved gingers are white and are hence, 'good' Americans.

Foundations, fundamentalism, & gingerism « The Praise of Folly &mdash August 18, 2011

[. ] The Society Pages (Jenny Wade, 2010) on gingerism, with some great images [. ]

Blix &mdash September 22, 2011

Basically this just shows how bad humans are toward our own. No matter what one looks like, you will be hated or teased.

Magically Delicious! | Food and Visual Media &mdash September 28, 2011

[. ] chooses to as no brogue, language or physical attribute marks the Irish as different. Of course, Gingerism is still an issue for the red-headed Irish, but in general, society only recognize as Irish those [. ]

Bob Santamaria &mdash October 19, 2011

I feel drawn to extreme political violence on behalf of my ginger colleagues

Fox &mdash January 17, 2012

Check out Sh*t Gingers Say!

Donna &mdash March 16, 2012

Hahahahahahahhaha. Ahhh, I'm sorry, but I have red hair, and this is just funny. "A recent series of verbal and physical attacks is nicely documented at Wikipedia." Yeah, like, 10 attacks against redheads in the UK does not a trend or widespread prejudice equal. In the Oppression Olympics, "gingerphobia" would not get past a municipal-level qualifying round. Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulz, Soc Images, lulz.

Anonymous &mdash March 16, 2012

I think stereotypes around

Weaver &mdash March 17, 2012
Sam Rogowski &mdash March 17, 2012

I never realized that the discrimination against gingers was real, I thought it was a parody of "real" discrimination.

Joan McKiernan &mdash March 17, 2012

Thank you for this posting. I lived in Ireland for over 25 years, and was stunned when my son developed an attitude about ginger haired people. I never understood the origin of the ideas he was getting from schoolmates. We lived in Belfast, which is still controlled by the UK, and I guess the British attitudes have crept back to our island.

KeefButton &mdash March 18, 2012

Today I learned that MIA makes vapid, over-the-top videos and music.

Candice Greatbanks &mdash March 18, 2012

Can we not have some middle ground here

Clearly discrimination against "gingers" is real in the UK and has led to serious bullying in recent years. One of my best friends refuses to call herself red-haired or ginger because she has internalized the idea that gingers are gross, another kid I knew had to transfer due to violent bullying.

Also clearly, it's not "racism" or anything approaching the oppression of POC. It has its roots in anti-Catholicism and anti-Irish attitudes, yes, but the renewed hatred of redheads came after a period of most people just not really caring that much.

Frowner &mdash March 19, 2012

Maybe we could say that white supremacy depends on a racialized other? When I was in school in Midwest in the eighties and nineties, kids from Polish and Italian backgrounds (not immigrants) were racialized and mocked and stereotyped and so on. The very, very few brown students were not subject to "casual" teasing (ie, no one would casually and openly remark that someone was slutty because she was black, but people would say that about Italian-American girls) but were subject to intermittent, violent, disgusting racism and physical attacks. It was like there were two tiers - the casual assumptions and remarks about the Italian-American and Polish-American kids was highly visible, unpleasant but less serious, while the racism against the brown kids was covert and intense. (I assume that although I was not privy to the conversations, there were probably horribly racist conversation about those kids, just based on what people would pop out with from time to time.)

In that situation, bias against the Italian and Polish kids was part of and propped up the more violent and intense racism against POC. Later on, when my town became less white, the 'casual' racism was targeted against [email protected]

I have to wonder whether this whole "ginger" business becoming more overt isn't in fact part of a general increase in racism in the UK. Like, everyone gets more racialized now, even though there's still a gradient of whiteness.

It seems like white folks tend to assume that if they are on the wrong end of physical or ethnic stereotyping that this proves that racism is equal-opportunity (so to speak) or as if "now no one wants to attack POC so they turn on white people!" It seems much more that white supremacy is an active system that is always concerned with 1. sustaining itself by finding new ways to express racism and 2. creating and refining a hierarchy so that privilege and violence can be dished out. If gingers are getting picked on, their experience isn't the same as that of a Muslim girl getting harassed, but the experiences are both part of white supremacy, because they are both concerned with creating and enforcing a racial hierarchy where there is "real" whiteness at the top/center, and "real" whiteness is defined against all other ways of being.

LC &mdash March 25, 2012

Given that an asshole I have the dishonor of being related to popped off with "redheads have no souls!" about a year ago, I'd say gingerism has definitely infected the US.

Else &mdash May 3, 2012

I've always thought red hair was beautiful - I'd never heard of people being mocked for it until South Park either, but I do know that there was a stereotype of red-headed boys as being naturally more bratty or mischievous. But also usually more creative and having leadership skill - although usually for naughtiness. I knew that red hair was considered ugly long ago because of Anne of Green Gables, but I don't think that's true now at all.

I actually had a conversation about this with a professor who had two red-headed children, and she said that her daughter was fawned over for her beautiful hair but her son was mocked for his. :( She thought that teachers expected him to be bad and were much harsher on him than others, mainly because of that stereotype, while they let her daughter get away with more because they thought she was so especially pretty with that hair.

Frabb &mdash July 7, 2012

sorry guys, I don't know much about this topic because i live in Italy and here redheads are very rare, we don't even have a word for gingerism, as far as I know. Children with red hair get picked on, that's trye. but why this happens in a country where many people actually are this way too?I never would have guessed. my natural hair is blond but I have been dying it pale red for years since I do love this color. also adults think it's attractive and unique, I guess. I thought it was the same, if not much, there!

Niamh &mdash September 6, 2012

I know I'm really late to the party, but I really want to bring this up. In the video you see a mural with red-headed men in camouflage and above them it says "Our Day Will Come". The IRA's slogan is "Tiocfaidh ár lá" - Irish for "our day will come". Maybe it's because I'm from Northern Ireland and have recently been reading and thinking a lot about the Troubles and negative attitudes to Irish people in Britain, but I sort of thought the red heads in this video represented Irish Catholics (as red hair is such a stereotypical trait attributed to Irish people) fighting against British Oppression. I know the story line and violence in the video could represent a great many other things. but as soon as I saw that mural that's what I thought. I'd love to be able to talk to somebody about this who knows about the Troubles and sectarianism in Northern Ireland, but I know it's a subject hard for outsiders to understand.

RedheadedandProud &mdash October 15, 2012

People who hate redheads are just jealous. Sorry you can't be fiery redheads too. We are rare and blondes and brunettes are as common as cockroaches and douchebags. Oh well. Boohoo for you :>

1ilac1 &mdash March 4, 2013

Hi, I'm from the US. I have long red hair and I can relate to a lot of what everyone is saying. Everyone is always saying how beautiful my hair is but then again, everyone always "teases" me about my red hair because I'm a "ginger" and I "have no soul". No matter where we are in the world, we all get discriminated against. It really isn't fair to say red heads in different parts of the world get discriminated more than others, unless someone has had experience. Gingerism does matter where ever you are in the world. We just shouldn't discriminate against any hair color, any eye color, any race. They don't matter! We all came from the same place and we are all going to end up in the same place too. We are all "one big family"! Both "whites" and "blacks" get discriminated against, why is there ever any "pro-whites" or "pro-blacks"? We should just be pro-people.

TruthBeatsLies &mdash March 15, 2013

How come you got comments on here dated more than 3 years back - when the article was barely published 1 (ONE) year ago.

GenYer &mdash April 16, 2013

Wow. Just, wow. I am from the US. So many people are so racist and just plain cruel. So many think they are the "oppressed ones". There are famous, smart and great people of all races and genders. The difference between them and those that think they are oppressed is that the great ones work really hard and do not blame everyone else for their own laziness. They just persevere. Everyone has a brain and a soul and that is all that matters. Use them and stop the blame and hate. (There are some born rich people out there, but that does not mean they are great, by the way. They can be just as hateful, cruel and unhappy as anyone.)

Redheads: A Discriminated Class &mdash June 18, 2013

[. ] the U.S, between two and five percent of the population has red hair versus 13 percent in the UK. Print corporate advertising in the UK featuring redheads in a negative light exists, and it is in poor [. ]

Ff11chochol &mdash August 9, 2013

Had oranges thrown and me on street, carrots put in my locker and was told by many faith filled kids that I and other gingers are the blood line that failed Jesus. My sister who is a redhead agree's, for boys with red hair it can be a curse. It takes a lot of strength to face daily verbal abuse. Keep smiling and remember abuse is abuse, even if its just verbal.

Kaiko Mikkusu &mdash September 16, 2013

Well, of course Santa Claus loves ginger kids. And auburn-haired kids. And chestnut-haired kids. And brown-haired kids. And black-haired kids. And strawberry-blonde kids. And golden-blonde kids. And platinum-blonde kids. And stark-white-haired kids. And dark blonde kids. And red-haired kids. And silver-haired kids. And black-blue haired kids. And dark-grey-haired kids. And burgundy-haired kids. He likes all kids.

Jojo7777 &mdash September 16, 2013

The British should be embarrassed by their actions. It really goes to show that they are actually very uneducated people especially when it comes to Biological back grounds and Science. I really am embarrassed for myself to tell people that I have a British heritage, but I most claim my Scottish and Irish heritage. The Brits are the most racist, low standard people on the planet and I couldn't care less what they think of me or any other redhead should not care either because this is a stupid farce because most redheads came from that part of the world. That's like making fun of an American for being American in America. Go figure. Why don't they get their teeth fixed if they want to feel of a higher standard.

Contra o preconceito dos preconceituosos que preconceituam » &mdash November 21, 2013

[…] Unido, há uma real preocupação com o gingerism. Blogs discutem o preconceito contra ruivos [1] [2] […]

Mark Hardt &mdash June 3, 2014

Both Mia and South Park are trying to make ironic points about discrimination by showing redheads being discriminated against the way Blacks or palastinians are. The conclusion is supposed to be it is preposterous to think this would happen to redheads and you really know this is about Palastinians anyways. The producers are smart well educated adults who get the joke. The problem is many of the viewers are none of these. In middle school in calabasis students took south park seriously and started kicking gingers. South park is written for adults. middle schoolers don't get sarcasm. In trying to address discrimination against blacks and Palestinians Mia and South park are creating discrimination that did not exist before.

Division Based on Skin Colour - Page 5 - Historum - History Forums &mdash August 27, 2015

[…] hair? it's easy to color hair, BUT -- "dumb as a blonde" "red headed temper"? Gingerism: Prejudice Against Redheads - Sociological Images The science behind anti-redhead prejudice […]

Being Ginger – persuadingbrianadams &mdash February 28, 2016
Jeanette Tovey &mdash May 1, 2016

I think it is very much a British problem, I live outside the UK now and never get any negative remarks, back in the day I remember being called am effing ginger egc, some really aggressive stuff. I think it comes from anti Irish sentiment.

Lefty Hall &mdash December 13, 2016

Wow ,this really blew me away
When I discovered my Ulster friends making Ginger jokes ,and I as a black American couldn't understand their dislike for the Hair Color, Myself Being Protestant.
My Friend from Ulster explained to me
That "The ("Tims"= Irish Catholics) ,He meant ,mostly
Ad' Red hair= Ginger being the nickname.
Tims are Scum, he said.
This I was Told in July /July is the MARCHING SEASON -When the Protestant Flute Bands parade July 12th,
Little kids help build a Bonfire out of old
Wooden pales several stories High,
And a Irish Triple Color= (flag of Ireland )
Is Placed a top it to be Burned.
Mind blowing stuff now a days in Northern Ireland.
Sectarian violence is still rampant there,
And don't let Rangers play Celtic,,the
Loyalist are protestant =Blue and pro British,
The Republicans are Catholic =Green pro Irish. and Yes there is Still Violence and Bitter Hatred around those Derby soccer matches.

Nikolaos Peterson &mdash March 21, 2017

M.I.B. Born Free, Romain Garvas. What a horror show! As I am into filmmaking myself, I understand most of this was just choreography and CGI. But I too am a ginger and this made me sick! I could have been one of those kids.

My real scare is Trump, he may actually at one point bring this out of the realm of fiction and make this REALTY! I am leaving this fascist corporate New Amerika anyway, I certainly do NOT wish to be rounded up simply because I am GINGER! WTF!

Shelly Elliott &mdash August 17, 2019

It is utterly amazing to me that people say such ignorant things as, “This is baffling to me.” I have experienced every kind of Gingerism hatred in my life, from a horrible childhood and parents who tried to drown me. Then at 13 my parents began trying to convince me I was suicidal and I should kill myself. Bullied in school and by all relatives. Bullied in University. I’ve had to leave job after job. I’ve left the US twice to go to the UK where at least they acknowledge this is happening. What if another race of people had historically been killed down to 2%, they were lumped in with people with the seemingly “same” heritage and skin color. They could get hated and bullied by anyone and no one is sticking up for them. We aren’t a culture of people all connected to each other so it has taken me a long time of study and research to find out why people I know and strangers call me, “witch, alien, evil, wicked, problem child.” I’ve had more hate and violent crimes happen to me than I want to put on this site. And then try and go to the police about any of it and the stereotype that Hollywood paints by villainizing the redheads follows you there too. It’s a no win situation with the ignorant indoctrination in our world and the only people even acknowledging it are the British! We’re not your witch, vampire, werewolf, child’s play, dark phoenix, or any other nonsense! And yet it happens all the time. I am so over people saying this is not understandable to them that I could throw up on their face! Redheads are villainized by media, books, people of all cultures and in religions. People from all backgrounds from Mexico to Asia have come up to me and said, “I was told redheads are witches. Is that true?” What is in the kool-aid if indoctrinated ignorance that people are complacently accepting?! And then to top it off people go to these Dark Phoenix and Child’s Play movies. Then they harass a redhead, put them in a position of humiliation and abuse and heaven forbid the poor redhead show any emotion of anger or sadness and get upset and they use that to say, “See I knew you were wicked!” It’s such a grotesque thing going on in society and because people don’t imagine what a society could do to a race by villainizing them for 1000’s if years and killing them down to 2% they never look at from the perspective of the redhead. Google redhead child and memes will come up saying, “You don’t want one of these.” Egyptians said “ignorance is the root of all evil,” and they are most certainly right.

David Johnston &mdash November 14, 2019

Recent DNA research shows the genetic trait for red hair is not of human/African/descended from apes gene. But rather solely from the Neanderthals. Might explain some of the passed down hatred and jealousy from those solely descended from apes. Proud of my Neanderthal genetic expression! The strong

Lov234 &mdash June 22, 2020

Redhead discrimination! It needs to stop! Redheads lives matter!

Big Red &mdash August 23, 2020

I'm so tired of 'redheaded stepchild'. I heard this remark last week in Kansas City.The guy behind the counter had no clue what he said. OFFENSIVE!

People-please pay attention to what you say. Redhead lives DO matter. Stop the ignorant remarks. We are not being sensitive. It is time to STOP showing the red heads as fat bullies in movies, skanks, or as 'red headed stepchildren'. JUST STOP.

Sandra Rynders &mdash October 31, 2020

The video was obviously made by an ignorant , racist, vile piece of shit. . A proud redhead

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Responsible Dog Ownership Day: 17 Link
*Time's Up Day: 17
*VFW Ladies Auxiliary Day: 17

*Air Force Birthday: 18
Ashura: 18
Batman Day: 18 Link (Also in May) (3rd Saturday)

Big Whopper Liar Day: 18 (3rd Saturday)
Boys' and Girls' Club Day for Kids: 18 Link (3rd Saturday)
*Chiropractic Founders Day: 18 Link
*Hug A Greeting Card Writer Day: 18

International Coastal Cleanup Day:18 (3rd Saturday)
International Red Panda Day: 18 (3rd Saturday)
International Eat An Apple Day: 18 (3rd Saturday)
Locate An Old Friend Day: 18 (3rd Saturday)
*National Ceiling Fan Day: 18 Link
*National Cheeseburger Day: 18
Link Link
National Clean Up Day: 18 Link (3rd Saturday)
*National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day: 18 Link
National Gymnastics Day: 18 Link
(3rd Saturday)
*National Respect Day: 18 Link
National Seatcheck Saturday 2020: 18 (3rd Saturday)
Puppy Mill Awareness Day: 18 (3rd Saturday) Link
*Read An Ebook Day: 18 Link
World Cleanup Day: 18 Link
*World Water Monitoring Day: 18 Link Link

*Iota Phi Theta Day: 19
*National Singles' Day: 19 Link (3rd Saturday)
*Talk Like A Pirate Day: 19 Link Link

Wife Appreciation Day: 19 (3rd Sunday)

*International Day of University Sport: 20
National Dance Day: 20 Link (3rd Monday) (Different than one in April.)
*National Fried Rice Day: 20 Link
*National String Cheese Day: 20 Link
Respect for The Aged Day: 20 (3rd Monday) Link
Sunkot: 20 (at Sundown)

Get Ready Day: 21 Link (Third Tuesday)
*International Day of Peace: 21
IT Professionals Day: 21 (Third Tuesday)
*National Chai Day: 21 Link
*National Surgical Technologists Day: 21
*World's Alzheimer's Day: 21 Link

*American Business Women's Day: 22
Autumn (Autumnnal Equinox): 22 3:20 pm EDT
*Car Free Day: 22 Link
*Chainmail Day: 22 (Link removed due to malware)
*Dear Diary Day: 22
*Elephant Appreciation Day: 22
*Hobbit Day: 22
*Ice Cream Cone Day: 22
*International Day of Radiant Peace: 22
Mabon: 22 (On Autumn Equinox)
*National Centenarian's Day: 22
*National Girls' Night In: 22 Link
*National Leg Wear Day: 22 Link
*National On-line Recovery Day: 22 Link
*National Walk n' Roll Dog Day: 22
*National White Chocolate Day: 22 Link
RAINN Day (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network): 22 Link (Also April 14)
*Remote Employee Appreciation Day: 22

*Celebrate Bi-sexuality Day: 23
*Checkers Day or Dogs in Politics Day: 23 Link
Innergize Day: 23 (Day after the Autumn Equinox)
*International Day of Sign Languages: 23
*National Great American Pot Pie Day: 23 Link
*National Snack Stick Day: 23 Link
Remember Me Thursday: 23 (4th Thursday)
*Restless Legs Awareness Day: 23 (Different sponsor from the July Weekly Observance)
*Teal Talk Day: 23 Link
*Za'atar Day: 23 Link

*Bluebird of Happiness Day: 24 Link Link
Hug A Vegetarian Day: 24 (Last Friday)
National Brave Day: 24 Link (3rd or 4th Friday)
*National Familial Hypercholesterolemia Day: 24 Link (Note: Different than Lipid Day on May 10)
Native American Day: 24 Link (4th Friday) (also in October)
*Punctuation Day: 24 Link
Robin Hood Day: 24-25 Link (Moved from July)
*Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving: 24
Support Purple for Platelets Day: 24 Link (Last Friday)
Vegan Baking Day: 24 (Last Friday)

Fish Amnesty Day: 25 (4th Saturday)
Family Health and Fitness Day USA: 25 (Last Saturday)
International Lace Day: 25 Link (Last Saturday) (There are 3 lace observances. July & August = Wkly. Sept. = Lace Day)
International Rabbit Day: 25 Link (4th Saturday or sometimes Sunday)
*Math Story Telling Day: 25
National Ghost Hunting Day: (Last Saturday) 25 Link
National Hunting and Fishing Day: 25 (4th Saturday)
*National Lobster Day: 25 Link (Also June 15 Different Sponsor)
*National One-Hit Wonder Day: 25
*National Psychotherapy Day: 25 Link
National Public Lands Day: 25 Link (4th Saturday)
*National Quesadilla Day: 25 Link
*National Research Administrators Day: 25 Link
*National Tune-up Day: 25 Link
Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of Play: 25 Link (Last Saturday)
R.E.A.D. in America Day: 25 (4th Saturday)
Save The Koala Day: 25 Link (Last Friday)
Save Your Photos Day:25 Link (Last Saturday)
Seat Check Saturday: 25 Link (Last Saturday)
*(World) Ataxia Awareness Day: 25 Link
*World Lung Day: 25
*World Pharmacists Day: 25 Link

*Compliance Officer Day: 26 Link
*Forget-Me-Not Day: 26 Link (Also Nov. 11)
Gold Star Mother's Day: 26 (Last Sunday)
Happy Daughters Day: 26 (4th Sunday) Link
International Day of The Deaf: 26 (Last Sunday)
*International Day For The Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons: 26
*Johnny Appleseed Day: 26 Link
*National Dumpling Day: 26 Link
Priesthood Sunday: 26 Link (Last Sunday)
*Shamu the Whale Day: 26
*Situational Awareness Day: 26
*World Contraception Day: 26

*Ancestor Appreciation Day: 27
*Crush A Can Day: 27 Link
Family Day: 27 (4th Monday)
*Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: 27
*Google's Birthday: 27

*National Scarf Day: 27 Link
Shemini Atzeret: 27-28 (at Sundown)
*World Tourism Day: 27

*Confucius Day: 28
*Fish Tank Floorshow Night: 28
*International Day for Universal Access To Information: 28

*International Right To Know Day: 28 Link
*National Drink Beer Day: 28 Link
*National Good Neighbor Day: 28 (Used to be on 4th Sunday)
National Voter Registration Day: 28 Link (4th Tuesday)
National Woman Road Warrior Day: 28 (4th Tuesday)
Simchat Torah: 28-29 (at Sundown)
*World Rabies Day: 28

Banned Websites Awareness Day: 29 Link (Last Wednesday)
*International Coffee Day: 29 Link
*MAGS Day: 29 Link
*Michaelmas: 29 Link
*Mutation Day (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles): 29 Link
*National Attend Your Grandchild's Birth Day: 29
*National Biscotti Day: 29
Simchat Torah: 29
*VFW Day: 29
Women's Health & Fitness Day: 29 Link (Last Wednesday)

*World Heart Day: 29 Link

Ask A Stupid Question Day: 30 Link (Last School Day in the Month)
*Blasphemy Day: 30 Link
*International Podcast Day: 30 Link
*International Translation Day: 30 Link
*National Love People Day: 30 Link
*National Mulled Cider Day: 30 Link
*Recovery Day: 30 Link
World Maritime Day: 30 (Last Thursday)
*Wrigley Chewing Gum Day: 30

ADAMS, Sybil Maud Wright, died October 4, 2003 in British Columbia, Canada. Sybil was born on November 15, 1940, in St. James, Jamaica to Lillian Wright and Josiah Wright (deceased).

AIKMAN. BIRTHS - At Friendship Park Villa, in Liguanea, St. Andrews, Island of Jamaica, on the 22d October, the lady of Alexander AIKMAN, jun., Esq., printer to his Majesty, and to the Hon. House of Assembly, of a son. (The Edinburgh Advertiser of 10 January 1827)

ALLISON, Ovetta - Died at Brampton Civic Hospital on Thursday, January 10, 2013. She will be missed by Ian Allison, father of her two children. She was a loving mother to Ianthe Allison and grandmother to Mercedes, Katrinna, Savannah and Shadrach. Another daughter, Yolande Allison, preceded Ovetta. She also precedes siblings, Edelmera Harrison, Getseta Thompson, Seymour (Chappo) O'Meally and Gloria Nelson. In Jamaica, Ovetta worked as Postmistress at both the Hayes and Alley post offices. She migrated to Canada in 1971 and worked at Bell Canada for 26 years until her retirement. A funeral service was held in the Ward Chapel, 52 Main Street South, Brampton on Saturday, January 19th. Cremation.
Published in the Toronto Star on January 12, 2013

ALLPORT, Mr. Arthur Reginald. Mother Charlotte Fischer b. Germany Father Walter Harrison Allport b. England. Spouse Bertha Mary Campbell. Born 23rd Dec. 1880, Jamaica, WI. Died North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 2nd Oct. 1965, Residence West Vancouver, age 84.
Reference British Columbia Vital Records (BCVR) 1965 Death Registration #65-09-013305 Family History Library Film #2033798.

ALLWOOD, Mr. Frank Harold, born 1st July 1889 Jamaica, WI. Mother ? b. Jamaica, WI. Father James Allwood b. Jamaica, WI. Spouse Eileen Barry. Died Kelowna, British Columba, Canada 16th Oct. 1946, age 57, Residence Kelowna, B.C.
Reference British Columbia Vital Records (BCVR) 1946 Death Registration #011742 Family History Library Film #2032423 ALVES. DEATHS - At Kingston, Jamaica, on the 14th December last, John Alves, Esq. of Edinburgh. (The Edinburgh Advertiser of 14 February 1826)

ANDERSON, Ferdinand Fernando, Sr. died August 11, 2004. He was born on November 18, 1903 in Robin's Bay, Jamaica, West Indies. We were blessed that Ferdinand was able to celebrate his 100th birthday. His mother was Jane Meikle Anderson and his father was Alexander Anderson. There were seven children. Ferdinand arrived in America in 1923 through the Port of Philadelphia. He took a train to New Rochelle to live with a friend and find work. During that time, he married Myrta Cumberbatch, who passed in 1931. They had two children: Rita and Keith. In 1937, Ferdinand married Irene Alberta Jackson. They had three children: Alice, Bertram and Ferdinand, Jr. Irene died in 1979. The family resided in Pelham. He worked for Packard, Luby & Hory Chevrolet Companies. He was communicant of St. Simon's Episcopal Church. Ferdinand, a devoted father, is survived by his children: Mr. Bertram Alexander Anderson, Dr. Ferdinand Fernando Anderson, Jr., Ms. Alice Hope, Dr. Keith Anderson, his grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews. The Journal News, August 13th, 2004

ANDERSON, Kenneth, of Port Chester, NY, died on April 8, 2003 at Calvary Hospital in the Bronx, NY. Kenneth worked as a Machinist for Monarch Brass Company in New Rochelle, NY. He was born April 13, 1931 in Jamaica to Arnold and Princess Wright Anderson. Mr. Anderson was married to the late Verlinda Clarke who died July 12, 1990. He is survived by six daughters , five sons and 20 grandchildren, two brothers, Raymond Anderson of Montego Bay, Jamaica and Patrick Anderson, of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Interment at Greenwood Union. The Journal News, April 9th, 2003

ANDREWS - Maxwell Ewart, Born November 19, 1917 in Kingston, Jamaica. Died November 19, 1981 Hayle, Cornwall, England. His father was Edward Paul Andrews and his mother was Hildred Ewart Andrews (nee Abrahams) of Hayfield, Ewarton. His Grandfather, George Abrahams is listed as a Justice on this site.

ATKINS, Lenore G., of Peekskill died January 12, 2000. She was 67. She was born on September 1, 1932 in Jamaica to Mr. and Mrs. Brown. On November 20, 1954 she married Barcliff Atkins in Jamaica. Mrs. Atkins had lived in Peekskill since 1982 and worked as a Nurse's Aid for U.S. Home Care in Peekskill for 15 years. She is survived by her husband Barcliff of Peekskill a step-son Danny Atkins of Bridgeport, CT a step-daughter Sharon Spence of Jamaica and many cousins. Funeral Thursday 10 AM at the funeral home. The Journal News, January 16th, 2000

BACQUIE, Eva Corinth, at Sunnybrook Palliative Care Centre, on Friday, January 21, 2011, after a four year battle with cancer. Mother of (Sierra) Heather and Raymond Bacquie sister of Hetty (deceased), Horace and William Gordon grandmother of Sean and Dillon Bacquie aunt of Marie Gross, Michael, Charles, Elizabeth and Bobby Gordon first wife of Michael Bacquie. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1930, Eva completed her nursing training and post-graduate studies in midwifery at the Nuttall Memorial Hospital, and immigrated to Canada in 1954. Service at the Turner & Porter Yorke Chapel, 2357 Bloor St. W., at Windermere Avenue, on January 27, 2011.
(The Globe & Mail 24 Jan 2011)

BAILEY, Mr. Roy Martel Alonzo, born Jamaica, WI. Died Ajax, Ontario, Canada 1st Dec. 2002, age 70.
Reference Toronto Star Newspaper Obits, 3rd Dec. 2002 & 31st Dec. 2002

BAKER, Mrs Beryl Elaine Baker died peacefully aged 91 on Saturday, October 22nd, 2011 in the Palliative Care Unit of the Western Memorial Hospital in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, surrounded by her daughter Angela, son David, his wife Pamela, granddaughter Kerry and grandson Bruce. She was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1920 to Sidney and Miriam Martin. Beryl went into teaching, ending up at St Hugh's High School for girls in Kingston where she taught French and Mathematics and served as Vice Principal for many years. Following the early and unexpected death of her husband Peter in 1974, when she was only 54, Beryl retired three years later and left to start a new life in Corner Brook, Newfoundland living with her daughter Angela and family. From Newfoundland she would travel back to Jamaica to look after her mother and then her father and later would go to Toronto to help with her brother, Keith and sister in law, Dorothy, before they passed away. She made trips to England to see her son David, daughter-in-law Pamela and family as well as sister Phyllis and her husband Bob. As well as her daughter, Angela, former husband, Alan, son, David and daughter in law, Pamela, she left grandchildren, Shan (husband Bob), Kerry (husband Keith), Bruce, Fiona (husband Joerg), Ntiana and Peter and great grandchildren, Danielle, Lucas, Francesco and Christina as well as sister, Joan. Beryl was pre-deceased by her husband, Peter, brothers, Ronald, Sidney (Sir Sidney Martin) and Keith and sisters Phyllis and Marjorie. A memorial service was held at Fillatre's Funeral Home Chapel. (Canadian obituary)

BALFOUR, Edith, b. Kingston, Jamaica, BWI age 22, occupation Private Secretary. Father Rev. James BALFOUR [ Church of England ], mother Ada Louisa EAST. Groom Henry Sample ANGAS. Married 7 Oct. 1914 St. Marks Church, Vancouver, B.C. Registration #14-09-076124

BALFOUR. At Montego Bay, Jamaica, on the 29th December, of a fever, after a few days' illness, William Balfour, Esq. (The Edinburgh Advertiser of 04 May 1821)

BALL, Dr. Ian, passed away on Jan. 26 in Kingston, Jamaica, at the age of 59. Dr. Ball was an internationally-known taxonomist with special interests in the evolution and biogeography of flatworms. He held positions with the National Museum, Royal Ontario Museum and in the Netherlands before coming to Memorial where he served as professor and head of the Department of Biology between 1986 and 1991. He subsequently accepted a position as professor of zoology and head of the department at the University of the West Indies in Kingston. among his many interests, friends recall his love of music and his two children, Freddy and Marie-Claire. February 10, 2000, Gazette (Memorial University of Newfoundland Paper, Canada)

BANNELL, Mrs. Annie Louise, (nee Walters). Mother ? Crafts b. England, Father John Walters b. England, Spouse Arthur Ernest Bannell. Born 24th July 1881, Jamaica, WI. Died Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 22nd September 1952, Vancouver, age 71.
Reference British Columbia Vital Records (BCVR) 1952 Death Registration #52-09-9093 Family History Library Film #2032862

BARHAM, Jennifer Ann (nee Cathcart) Passed away peacefully on Monday, July 3, 2006 surrounded by her family. Beloved wife of Andrew. Loving mother of Shelley, Kimberley and Colleen. Cherished daughter of Loris Cathcart and predeceased by her father Eric. Dear sister of Stella Hughes, Andrew Cathcart and Gaye Andrusiak. Funeral Service at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Mississauga on Friday, July 7, 2006.

This is from the Ross Bay Cemetery in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada:

BORN C. NOV. 1709, DIED 7 NOV. 1876
BORN 23 NOV. 1869, DIED 6 NOV. 1876

BARNETT, Mabel L. (nee Harris) died October 26, 2005 in Harwich. She was the wife of the late Felix W. Barnett. She was born in Jamaica and immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 7. Survivors include two sisters, Peg Mulligan of Harwich and Sister Marilyn Barnett O.P. of Adrian, Mich. a granddaughter four great-grandchildren and two nieces. A funeral Mass was held at Our Lady of the Cape Church, Stony Brook Road, Brewster.
Private burial was in Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

BARRETT, Hubert Agustus, of Lakeland, Florida, died on Saturday, April 24, 2004, at Lakeland Regional Medical Center. He was 75. Born Aug. 17, 1928, in Manchester, Jamaica, he came here from Jamaica in 1981. Mr. Barrett is survived by his wife, Sylvia G. Barrett daughters, Ann Reid, Maureen Barrett-Rattigan and Paula Barrett-Drummond, all of Lakeland, Winsome Williams, Kingston, Jamaica sons, Barrington Barrett, Atlanta, Ga., Romey Henry, Miami brothers, Asbert Bolton, Lakeland, Albert "Son" Barrett, James Barrett and David Barrett, all Manchester sisters, Valarie Turner-Smith, Shelia Turner, Olive Turner, Cislyn Bennett, Gladys Barrett and Violett Barrett, all of Manchester and eight grandchildren. Services at Lake Gibson United Methodist Church.

BARRETT, - Miss Louise A., age 91, departed this life peacefully on August 15, 2004. She was born and educated in Jamaica, W.I. and immigrated to Ossining, NY to join her children in 1985. She leaves to mourn children, Newborn of Florida, Una and Delphy of Ossining Trevor of Peekskill as well as seven adopted children. Predeceased by son, Garth, Cynthia, Patricia and grandson, George, 17 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren many nieces and nephews, a host of other relatives and friends. The Journal News, (8/19/2004)

BARRETT, Reuben G., 61, passed away on May 29 at Westlake Hospital. A loving and cherished husband of Melvera for 31 years a devoted father of three lovely daughters, Maxine, Ikeda and Steshanee and a pillar of strength to only son, Oniel three grandsons, Lorenzo, D'Angelo and Tejaun. Elder Barrett was the Assistant Pastor of the Worldwide Christian Association and former pastor of Faith Holiness C.O.G.I.C. At the time of his departure, he was also an Elder of Good Shepard C.O.G.I.C. in Maywood, IL. Elder Barrett will be laid to rest June 12 at Above Rocks Family Plot following a funeral service in Kingston, Jamaica. Chicago Tribune on 6/4/2004.

BARRIFFE, - Hylton, 82, of Mt. Vernon died June 3, 2000. Mr. Barriffe was born November 6, 1917 in St. Mary, Jamaica to Leonard Barriffe and Lucille Burrell. On May 12, 1956, he married Alice Smith. He was Chairman of the Deacon Board of Friendship Worship Center. His wife Alice predeceased him. Interment June 10th, 9:30am, Beechwood Cemetery, New Rochelle. The Journal News, Thursday, June 8th, 2000

BARROWS, Fred. Born in St. Mary, Jamaica, September 3, 1921. Passed away October 17, 2003, at Victoria General Hospital, Victoria, B.C., Canada

BARTLEY, Wilbert E., was born on July 14, 1916 in Clarendon, Jamaica, West Indies. As a young man, Wilbert was adventurous and loved to travel. He frequently traveled to the countries of South Africa, which exposed him to the Spanish language. As an adult, Wilbert lived in Kingston where he worked as a Salesman for the Singer Sewing Machine Company. He later immigrated to Elmsford, joining his wife Teresa in 1963. While residing in New York, he worked at White Plains Hotel for several years before moving on to Westchester County Rehabilitation Center in Valhalla, where he worked until he retired in 1981. In September 2000, Wilbert relocated to Orlando, FL to join his daughter, Paulette. On September 21, 2004 Wilbert went home to join his late daughter Sonia and his brother the late Samuel Bartley. He leaves behind Teresa Bartley, children: Fernando, Paulette, Wilbert Jr., Junior Osavia, Debbie, Joseph, Brian and Martin step-children: Cecilia and John brother John, sister Corleada numerous grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews. The Journal News, Thursday, September 30th, 2004

BARTON, Vernon, b 25 Mar 1915, died in Toronto on May 6, 2012. He was the sole surviving brother of Cedric "Ceddy" Barton. There was no notice in the press. [From a correspondent]

BATCHELOR, Barrington Devere, 82, Professor Emeritus, Queen's University, died peacefully at home in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, on Monday, June 13, 2011. He was born on July 2 , 1928, in Lucea, Jamaica, West Indies. Barry graduated from Kingston Technical High School in 1948, received a Bachelors of Science in Engineering from the University of Edinburgh in 1956 and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of London's Imperial College of Science and Technology in 1963. He taught civil engineering at Queen's University for 27 years before retiring in 1993. He is survived by his wife Alison, his sons Roger (Irina) and Wayne (Zaneta), his daughter, Nicola (Roger), 8 grandchildren. A memorial service was held at the James Reed Funeral Home, 1900 John Counter Boulevard, Kingston, on Thursday, June 16, 2011 (Canadian Obituary).

BENNELLS. Downing Street, April 1 - The Queen has been pleased to appoint Samuel BENNELLS, Esq., to be a member of the Legislative Council of the Island of Jamaica. (The Edinburgh Evening Courant of 03 April 1869)

BENNETT, Julia Maud, the only child of Medorah Johnson and Harold Gordon of Jamaica, West Indies, died of natural causes at home in the loving care of her daughters on Wednesday, September 18, 2002 at 2:30 AM. She is survived by her four children Randolph Bennett, Cincinnati, Ohio Roy Bennett, London, England Verna Johnson and Patricia Thompson, New Rochelle, NY. Grandma, as everyone most affectionately knew her, has 8 grandchildren, 13 great-grand children and 1 great-great grandchild as well as numerous relatives and dear friends. Interment at Kensico Cemetery, Valhalla, NY. The Journal News, Saturday, September 21st, 2002

BENT, Beryl, a resident of New Rochelle for 55 years on November 16, 2000. Born June 3, 1908 to Egbert and Georgianna Bent in Jamaica, W.I. where she graduated high school. A member of Presbyterian Church of N.R. She had worked as a seamstress in the garment industry. Surviving are 4 sisters, Vida and Dorritt Bent, Daphne Peyton, Hortense FFolkes, 2 brothers, David and Peter Bent, nieces, nephews, cousins, 3 sisters-in-law, Adina and Thelma Bent, 2 dear and dedicated friends, Doris and Val Rollins. Interment Beechwoods. The Journal News, Sunday, November 19th, 2000

from The Sun, Bremerton, Washington State - May 27, 1999. Port Angeles is directly south of Victoria across the Juan de Fuca Strait.
Grace Burgess Purdum, 94, of Bremerton died May 23, 1999, at Belmont Terrace Convales-cent Center. She was born Sept. 8, 1904, in Saint Andrew, Jamaica, to Brooks C. and May (Schar-schmidt) Bicknell. She grew up in Victoria, British Columbia, later moving to Port Angeles where she attended secondary school. She married Alva Burgess on Jan. 9, 1925, in Port Angeles. They moved to Bremerton in 1942. Mr. Burgess preceded her in death April 15, 1968. She married Art Purdum on Feb. 5, 1976. He preceded her in death Jan. 16, 1982.
She worked for a number of years as a sales clerk at the original Bremer's Department Store. Survivors include a son, Robert M. Burgess of Bremerton a sister, Hazel Brock of Edmonds seven grandchildren, Don of Dickerson, Md., Andy of Roseburg, Ore., Jana of Spokane, Tom of Taipei, Taiwan, Scott of Mountain Home, Idaho, Mark of Anchorage, Alaska, and Kim of Fairbanks, Alaska and 20 great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by two brothers, Noel and Ray a sister, Patricia two sons, Donald and Douglas and a grandson, Timothy.

BLACK, Esther (Margaret), born Jamaica, WI. Died Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 22nd Oct. 2002.
Reference Toronto Star Newspaper Obits, 24th Oct 2002

BLACK, Dr. James, sometime surgeon in Jamaica, afterwards residing in Glasgow d 1834. Funds for Black's Bequest for Domestic servants- for faithful servants settled in Glasgow or neighbourhood 10 years or more in one situation , preferably over 60. £2.10s per an. 200 pensioners. Factors Mitchells, Johnston and Co, 160 W. George St,
1903 Directory for Glasgow.

The following is from Lancashire Record Office (England) document file PR 2027, an extract from apprentice records in Poulton parish, Lancashire.

September 1768, Lancaster
Letter to Mr James Bisbrown at Poulton

This afternoon by Preston Post I received yours of 29 Aug ultimo - in answer whereto it appears by the Indenture before me that Harry Blackburn son of John Blackburn of Blackpoole was bound to Mr Peter Woodhouse then resident in Jamaica and to me then living in Lancaster being owner of the ship Two Sisters then at Lancaster for five years from 18 December 1756 to be a sailor and by memorandum of my clerks writing in the ships book he ran away from my ship the Miriam at Jamaica 1759.

BLAGROVE. The late JOHN BLAGROVE Esq who died April 1824 and the owner of 1,500 slaves in Jamaica, by the following clause in his will, marks at once his feeling for his slaves which few men would bestow on the free labourers of England. We suspect however that Mr. John Blagrove, has not nor will have, many imitations in the colonies. "And lastly, to my loving people, denominated and recognised by law as being in fact my slaves in Jamaica, but more estimated and considered by me and my family as tenants for life, attached to the soil, I bequeath a dollar for every man woman and child as a small token of my regard for their faithfull and affectionate service and willing labours to myself and family, being recipocally bound in one general tie of master and servant, the prosperity of the land, from which we draw our mutual comforts and substinence in our several relations (a tie and interest not practised on by the hired labourer of the day in the United Kingdom) the contrary of which doctrine is held only by the visionists of the puratanical orders against the common feeling of mankind". From the U.K., the Times Newspaper Friday June 5th 1829.

BORELAND, Vincent, of Mt. Vernon, New York departed this life August 28, 2004. Mr. Boreland was born on October 30, 1943 in Jamaica, West Indies to the late Matilda and Joseph Boreland. He was married to Pearl Boreland and to this union two sons were born. He was employed as a Train Operator for the New York City Transit Authority where he worked for over 17 years. He leaves to cherish his memory devoted longtime companion Trudy Davis his beloved sons: Michael and Ricardo (Rick) Boreland, and his former wife Pearl Boreland. Interment W.P. Rural Cemetery. The Journal News, Wednesday, September 1st, 2004

BRAHAM, Keith Headly, 61, of Sargeant St., Hartford died peacefully on Saturday (January 10, 2004). Born in St. Catherine, Jamaica West Indies, he lived in Hartford for 35 years. Keith graduated from Cambridge Institute in London, England. He was a teacher at Prince Tech. Hgh. Schl in Hartford. He was employed at JT Slocomb as a Mechanical Engineer. Keith was a retiree of the USA Army Reserve and will be deeply missed by family and friends. He is survived by loving stepmother, Emily Graham Johnson only daughter and son-in-law, Shearon (Lorna) and Hearold Wickham sisters, Pat Graham Haughton, Pam Graham, Barbra Graham Shattuck, Paulette Graham Clarke two stepsisters, Shirley Watters and Lois Brown brothers, Charles Harris and Sidney Graham three grandchildren, nieces and nephews and a host of friends. Burial will be in St. Catherine, Jamaica, W.I. Hartford Courant (1/17/2004)

BREMMER, Noel F., 68, of Sigourney St., Hartford, departed this life on Saturday, (September 4, 2004) at St. Francis Hospital, Hartford. He was born in Westmoreland, Jamaica, W.I. and has resided in Hartford for many years. He was a member of St. Martins Church. He leaves to cherish his memory, his wife, Joan (Bennett) Bremmer two sons, Donavan and Anthony Bremmer two daughters, Maxine and Carol Bremmer a brother, George Bremmer of Jamaica a sister, Pauline Walker three granddaughters three grandsons and a host of nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends. Burial will be held in Mt. St. Benedict Cemetery, Bloomfield. The Hartford Courant, 285 Broad St., Hartford, CT.

BREWER, Olive E., born December 23, 1927 in Jamaica, W.I., died March 26, 2000 in Mt. Vernon, NY, age 72. She worked for over 40 years as a beautician in Mt. Vernon and also as an estimator for over nine years at Longine's in New Rochelle. Ms. Brewer lived in Mt. Vernon for 22 years and in Scarsdale for the last six years. Her survivors include: two daughters, six grandchildren, three brothers, four sisters, four nephews and nine nieces. Interment Rose Hills Memorial Park Cemetery, Putnam Valley, NY. The Journal News, Wednesday, March 29th, 2000

BROOKS, Marina. Passed away on Friday March 9th, 2007 at Trillium Health Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Mother of Wendy (P.C. Harris), Glenn (Suzy), and Linda (Chris Graham). Grandmother (Grandy) of Philip, Brittany, Lauren, Rebecca, Robyn, Tammy, and Jason. Sister of Tina (Jorge Sante), sister-in-law of Clive and Pat Brooks and Barbara and George Williams, and aunt to many nieces and nephews. Marina was a long time member of St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church in Mississauga where her funeral mass took place on Saturday, March 17th, 2007 at 11:00 a.m. Interment at Assumption Cemetery. (Marina was the former wife of George Brooks, son of the late St. Elmo Brooks and his late wife Estelle Carvalho.)

BROWN, David Archibald BROWN, son of Hamilton Brown b.Jamaica, and Mary M. ? b. Jamaica. Born 10th April 1881, Jamaica. Died 11th Sept.1958, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
Full Reference British Columbia Vital Records (BCVR), Death 1958 Registration #58-09-010012, Family History Library Film #2033179

BROWN, Edith, resident of New Rochelle expired January 31, 2001. Born January 1, 1924 to Zedekiah and Elfina Perry in Kingston, Jamaica. Surviving are 3 daughters, Tsahai Amazan of New Rochelle, Angela Lungrin and RoseMarie Read both of Jamaica, 1 son Barrington Brown, Jamaica, 1 brother, Jacob Perry, 9 grandchildren, 2 great grands, predeceased by her husband and 2 sisters. Interment Greenwood Union. The Journal News, Saturday, February 3rd, 2001

BROWN, Elizabeth C., 96 years, died November 3, 2002, a Cortlandt Manor resident for several years, residing with her daughter Doryl Wolfe. Elizabeth was born on January 6, 1906 in St. Catherine, Jamaica, WI to Edgar and Alice Dennis Brown. She worked for many years at the Pierre Hotel in NYC as a housekeeper. In addition to her daughter, Doryl Wolfe, she is survived by two brothers, five grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. A Mass will be offered 5 pm Friday at St. Peter's Church, North Division Street, Peekskill. Entombment will be at Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, NY, 10:30 am Saturday. The Journal News

BROWN. DEATHS - In Jamaica, on the 29th April, Alexander, second son of the late Robert BROWN, writer to the signet. (The Edinburgh Advertiser of 07 July 1826)

BROWN, Robert Anthony Boyd, formerly of Kingston, Jamaica, died in Canada on July 28, 2006. Husband of Andrea (nee Cunningham) son of Winston and Iris Maud brother of David (deceased) and Alan uncle of Warren. Memorial service Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006 - at St. Timothy's Anglican Church, 4125 Sheppard Avenue East.

BROWN, Dr. Rosemary 1930 - 2003 - By Gary Pieters M.Ed
The Honourable Dr. Rosemary Brown, PC, OC, O.BC, CD (Jamaica) passed away at 72 years of age. Rosemary Brown of Vancouver, British Columbia died on April 26, 2003 at her home in Vancouver. The reports in the news media indicate that the probable cause of death is a heart attack. Rosemary Brown was born in Jamaica in 1930 and spent her early years there. She moved to Canada in 1950 to attend McGill University. She leaves to mourn her husband, children, grandchildren and an appreciative global village of people whose lives were impacted by her work.

BRUCE. DEATHS - At Tulloch, in the Island of Jamaica, on the 14th of November last, George Abercromby BRUCE, in the 19th year of his age, second son of the late Alex. BRUCE, Esq. of Kennet. (The Edinburgh Advertiser of 10 February 1818)

BRUCE. MARRIAGES - At Jackson's Cottage, near Dumfries, on the 25th ult., William BRUCE, Esq., younger of Symbister, advocate, to Agnes, second daughter of William Gordon M'CRAE, Esq., formerly of the Island of Jamaica. (The Edinburgh Advertiser of 01 November 1825)

BRYANT, Juliette M., age 75 of Ft. Lauderdale, died on August 12, 2004. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, W.I., one of 5 children of Simon and Najla Brimo. Juliette married beloved husband James H. Bryant in 1956 and immigrated to the U.S. and Ft. Lauderdale. She is survived by her two sons, James N. of Orlando and Michael F. of Margate and sister, Gloria Smatt of Pembroke Pines and many nieces and nephews. Interment will be at Our Lady Queen of Heaven Cemetery. Sun-Sentinel on 8/14/2004.

BRYANT, Noel Lascells, born July 29, 1924 in Clarendon, Jamaica, went to sleep October 24, 2004. He is survived by his wife of 52 years, Dorothy, daughter Pamela, son Courtney and wife Val and children Meta & Idrissa daughter Maria and children Richard and Hanson and great-granddaughter Imani daughter Ann and husband Rocky and children Rocky, Rhiannon and Andrew. The Journal News, Tuesday, October 26th, 2004

BUCK, Hubert, of White Plains, died on April 19, 2004. He was 80 years old. Mr. Buck was born on January 31, 1924 in Hanover, Jamaica, West Indies. He worked as a self-employed tractor trailer driver for 30 years. Mr. Buck lived in White Plains for the past 40 years. Before that, he lived in Birmingham, England from 1954 to 1964. He is survived by his daughter, Coral J. Fernandes of Elmsford. His four sons: Mark Buck of Fairfield, CT Trescott Buck of Birmingham, England Trevor Buck of San Francisco, CA Max Ensor of Birmingham, England and seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, also many cousins. Interment at Mt. Calvary Cemetery, White Plains, NY. The Journal News, Friday, April 23rd, 2004

BURKE, Douglas Everard, 1932 - 2012. Born in Trelawny, Jamaica, Doug was the second son of Patrick Gladstone and Ruby Delores Lorraine Burke. Married Elaine "Bunty" Hemsworth in 1955, and in 1956 gave birth to the first of five children. He became Deputy Director of Tourism for the island in 1974. In 1977, Doug emigrated to Canada, where he joined 100 Huntley Street/Crossroads Christian Communications and became Director of Communications. He is survived by his wife, Bunty, his children, Timothy, Kathryn Mooij, Nicola Keene, Paul and Stephen Burke, 12 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, as well as his brother Gary of Quebec and sister Patricia of California. A service of remembrance was held on Sunday, June 24, 2012 at the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, 375 Mt. Pleasant Road in Toronto.

BURKE, Elaine Rosamund "Bunty," born March 9,1929 in Nainital, India, the only child of Dudley De la Warr Hemsworth and Kathleen Maud Bearcroft, passed away on December 12, 2013 in Alliston, Ontario, Canada. Known simply as "Bunty", a name her father gave her at infancy, she moved to Jamaica, where she was educated at Titchfield School and St. Hilda's. While she was Entertainment Manager at Tower Isle Hotel in Ocho Rios she met and began a lifelong romance with Douglas Burke, the love of her life. They married in 1955 and had 5 children. In 1977 Bunty and Doug emigrated from their beautiful island home to start life again in Canada. She was predeceased by her parents and her beloved Doug (June 8, 2012). There was a celebration of Bunty's life on December 16, at the Mt. Pleasant Visitation Centre, 375 Mt. Pleasant Road, Toronto.

BURKE, Patrick Gerald Alvin "Pal" , born 1931 in Trelawny, Jamaica, died August 19, 2005 in Tottenham, Ontario, Canada of a heart attack due to an intestinal obstruction, leaving 3 children. He was predeceased by his parents Patrick Gladstone Burke (1967) and Ruby Delores Burke (1989), and by his brother Lionel Ambrose Burke (1988).

BURKE, Dorothy Marilyn Burke (nee Stewart), third wife of Patrick Gerald Burke, born 1936 in Canada, passed away peacefully on December 2, 2013 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, leaving 3 children.

BURKE, Ruby Delores, born in 1910 in Panama of Jamaican parents, went to live in Jamaica at the age of 6. She married Patrick Gladstone Burke in 1929 in Trelawny, and passed away on April 23, 1989 in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. She was predeceased by her husband (1896-1967), and her son Lionel Ambrose Burke (1934-1988). She was survived by her sons Patrick, Douglas, and Gary, and her daughter Patricia.

BURRELL, Carl Antonio, 48, died unexpectedly December 6 at his Toronto home survived by his Mother Iris Allen Father Milford George Burrell Senior and wife Olga Burrell Brothers Mark Burrell, Mitch Brown, Patrick Allen, Ewan Allen, Courtney Allen, Robert Hamilton, Ainsley White, Milford George Burrell Junior Sisters Carol Ffrench, Marcia Grant, Rose Marie Cunningham. Carl was born in Jamaica and raised in Mississauga from the age of 12. A natural athlete, Carl was granted a track & field/cross country scholarship to the University of Northern Iowa, where he graduated with a degree in Engineering. The Toronto services were held January 20 and 21 from 2 - 4 PM at the Heritage Funeral Centre, 50 Overlea Blvd., Toronto. (Obituary December 21, 2011 - Globe & Mail)

BUTTERWORTH, The Reverend Gerald E.died on Sunday, June 17, 2012 at North York General Hospital in his 79th year. Gerald served as an Anglican priest for 51 years throughout the Diocese of Jamaica and the Diocese of Moosonee. Predeceased by his wife Pauline [daughter of Paul and Mary Geddes], and his parents Hilda and Eric. Father of Michele and her husband Glen McDonald. 'Papa' to Ariel, Thomas, Esther, Zachary, Isleigh, and Scarlett. Survived by his brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews. A Service was held in St. John's York Mills Anglican Church, 19 Don Ridge Drive on Wednesday, June 27.
Globe and Mail
Saturday June 23, 2012

BUTTERWORTHMrs. Pauline, (nee Geddes), born Jamaica, WI. Died Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, 6th March 2002, age 59.
Reference Thunder Bay "Chronicle-Journal" Newspaper, 9th March 2002, page C 7

BYLES, Theophilus Theophilus (Ted) Lynch Byles,91,of Mt. Pleasant, died on Saturday, September 11, 2004. Born on May 11, 1913, in Jamaica, W.I., he was the son of T.L. Byles and Ethline Fraser Byles. He married the late Blanche Strachan Byles in Jamaica on June 3, 1939. Mr. Byles and his family moved to the Washington, DC area in 1944, where he worked as a salesman until 1980, when he moved to Mt. Pleasant. He was a member of Christ Episcopal Church, where he was a long-time member of the choir and the men' s club. For many years he and Blanche volunteered at Meals on Wheels. Ted was also a member of the famous ROMEO lunch group. He was predeceased by his parents and by four brothers, Walter Nigel Byles, Dudley Keith Byles, George Louis Duncan Byles and Reginald Owen Byles. He is survived by two sisters, Leila Enid Brandon, of Richmond, VA, and Ferris Katherine Dixon, of Concord, MA a daughter, Virginia L. Foreman and her husband Richard, of Mt. Pleasant three grandchildren, Richard Foreman, of Brooklyn, NY, Andrew Foreman and his wife Debbi, of Ft. Rucker, AL, and Robert Foreman, of Mt. Pleasant two great grandchildren, Alexander Foreman and Elizabeth Foreman of Ft. Rucker, AL and many beloved nieces and nephews. Interment in Christ Episcopal Churchyard. The Post and Currier (9/13/2004).

CAMERON, Ian - Of Welland, at the Welland Hospital on Friday, October 2, 2009 in his 75th year. Beloved husband of Hope Cameron. Father of Paul Cameron (Kathleen) of Thorold, Roger Cameron (Maria) and Kathryn Bettridge (Gerry), all of Welland. Grandfather of Alex, Sarah, Sean, Savian, Lauren and Adrian. Brother of Noelle Lalor (Gerald) of Jamaica. Predeceased by his parents William and Rhea Cameron. [Toronto Star.]

CAMPBELL, Delbert, was born June 26, 1948 in Hanover, Jamaica to Flora Myrie and Herbert Campbell. He was taken from us Thursday, February 27, 2003. Delbert served in the US Army and graduated from Quinsigamond College, he worked at the White Plains Hospital for 22 years as a Senior Radio Technologist and the Supervisor of the department. He lived in Stamford, CT, for 23 years and was member of the Bethel AME Church in Stamford. Delbert leaves behind his mother, Flora Chambers, wife Allison Leslie-Campbell, son Donovan, brothers: Sonny, Rennick, Winston, Desmond and Devin, sisters: Thelma, Polly, Rubina, Winsome, Rosey, Elaine and Ettie. The Journal News, Thursday, March 6th, 2003

CAMPBELL, Eric, passed away on December 4, 2000 at Phelps Memorial Hospital. He was born in Jamaica on November 3, 1932. He was 68. He was the owner of his own laundromat. He is survived by his wife Dorothy Riley Campbell, daughters, Fay, Jennifer, Monica, Tracey, stepdaughter Maline Miller, sons Fitzroy, Phillip and Trevor. Also survived by his mother Doris Campbell as well as four sisters and two brothers. The Journal News, Thursday, December 7th, 2000

CAMPBELL, Joscelyn Bancroft (JB) passed away on Saturday, May 12, 2012 at the age of 89, survived by his wife Gladys sons Ronald and wife Elizabeth, Warren and wife Loretta, and David daughters Corinne and husband Keith, and Terry, his eleven grandchildren Jordan, Jennifer, Leslie, Ian, Eleanor, Laura, Grant, Sarah, Hannah, Alex, and Christian. JB was a founding member of the Jamaican Canadian Association. He was a medical technologist and laboratory manager at Connaught Medical Research Laboratories for 28 years. Funeral Service was held on Saturday, May 19, 2012

CAMPBELL, Joseph "Elder", a resident of New Rochelle for 40 years, departed this life April 26, 2002. Born July 18, 1927 to Alexander and Amelia Campbell in Jamaica W.I. He graduated High School in Jamaica. For many years he was the pastor of Ebenezer First Holiness Church of the Apostolic Faith. He had worked as a Mason in the Construction Industry. Surviving are, his wife Alma E. Campbell, 2 daughters, Laurel Whittaker and Violet Humphrey, 1 son Errol Campbell, 2 sisters, Elizabeth Campbell and Mary Allen, 6 grandchildren, nieces, nephews, others relatives and church family. Interment Mt. Hope Cemetery. The Journal News, Wednesday, May 1st, 2002

CAMPBELL, Roy George ( birth name Ruebin Alexander Campbell) was born in 1927 in Montego Bay, St James. His mother was Estriana Campbell who had one sister and 2 brothers. He joined the British Air Force when he was a youth. He died in Manchester, England on January 3rd 2000, leaving behind his wife Barbara and two children Beverley and Roy.

CARTER, Eliza. Proprietor of Troy Goshen, 17 Aug 1841, letter: all 24 immigrants on her property are well. Co 140/133 NA Kew

CHIN, Errol Robert, 65, died suddenly on Sunday, July 10, 2011 in Ontario, Canada. He was born December 25, 1945 in Montego Bay, Jamaica. He immigrated to Canada in November 1969 following Marion Newman, and they were married in Canada that November. He was one of ten children born to Doris and the late Harold Chin and was the husband of Marion Chin for over 41 years. Errol will be remembered by his children Harold, Vernon, Sharlene, and their families Shelley (daughter-in-law), Angela (daughter-in-law), and Justin (son-in-law), grandchildren Hannah, Brice, and Abigail, James, Mei sisters Valda, Dianne, and Carol brothers Keith, Randolph, Franklin, Hope, Brent, and Floyd. A memorial service was held on Friday, July 15th, 2011 at 5:00PM at the Bramalea Filipino-Canadian Seventh- day Adventist Church, 8458 Torbram Road, Brampton, Ontario, L6H 5C7. (Obituary in Globe and Mail, July 15, 2011.)

CHIN, Mr. Robert Allan. Spouse Icilda (Ivy) deceased. Born Kingston, Jamaica, WI. Died Stouffville, Ontario, Canada, 10th May 2002.
Reference Toronto Star Newspaper Obits, 14th May 2002

CHIN-YEE, Constance (née Ng Fatt) - Passed away on February 14, 2011 at the age of 94 years. Wife of Leonard (deceased) for 73 years mother of Penny Tai Pow (John, deceased), Jacky Young, Bruce (Pauline) and Ross (Sharon) grandmother of Malcolm (Laura), Karen (Paul), Nicholas (Liuda), Benjamin, Rachel, Jonathan, Zachary, Amy and Jessica great-grandmother to Andrew, Neil, Caroline, Kate and Katya. Born on June 24, 1916 in London, England, in 1940 Connie moved with Len to his homeland of Jamaica upon his being called to the Bar. Len, Connie and their family became residents of Canada in 1961. A service was held at Mount Pleasant Cemetery Visitation Centre, 375 Mount Pleasant Road (north of St. Clair Avenue, east gate entrance), Toronto, on Saturday, February 19 at 2 p.m. (Toronto Star - 16 Feb 2011). (Mrs. Chin Yee was the recent widow of Leonard Chin Yee)

CHIN-YEE, Leonard died on November 1, 2010 at the age of 95 years. Husband of Constance (nee Ng Fatt) for 73 years father of Penny Tai Pow (John, deceased), Jacky Young, Bruce (Pauline) and Ross (Sharon) Grandfather of Malcolm (Laura), Karen (Paul), Nicholas (Liuda), Benjamin, Rachel, Jonathan, Zachary, Amy and Jessica great-grandfather to Andrew, Neil, Caroline, Kate and Katya. Len is also survived by several brothers and sisters. Born on April 18, 1915 in Jamaica, Len was called to the Bar at the Middle Temple, London, England in 1940, and returned to Jamaica to be the first Chinese barrister in the history of the country. After a distinguished and highly successful career in law, Len entered the business world where he co-founded Liquid Foods Ltd., which grew to become the second largest soft drink company in the West Indies. Len, Connie and their family became residents of Canada in 1961. A service was held at MOUNT PLEASANT CEMETERY VISITATION CENTRE, 375 Mount Pleasant Road (north of St. Clair Ave., east gate entrance), Toronto, on Saturday, November 6, 2010.
[Extracted from Globe and Mail for Wednesday, November 3, 2010]

CLARK, Janet Eileen (nee Tate)
Janet, beloved wife of Andy Clark, on Monday, September 29, 2008 at the age of 60. Mother of Kathryn Lloyd (Jason), Rachel Clark, (Alasdair Patton), Gretchen Boisseau (Jonathan), and Lara Eggiman (Michael). Grandmother of Liam, Aidan, Evan, Keeley, Eileen and Isaiah. Predeceased by her parents Evelyn and Marguerite Tate (nee Waite - Smith) and her sister Marguerite Bayfield. Will be missed by her sister Rosemarie Inglis (Bob), her brother-in-law John Bayfield (Norma), her nieces and nephews, and grandnieces and grandnephews. A Memorial was held at Grant Brown Funeral Home Rolston Chapel, Kemptville on October 11th.

CLARKE. Marriage: Mr. Clarke, Jamaican merchant to Miss Russel, Dec 7th, 1757. The London Magazine Vol. XXVI 1757

CLERK. DEATHS - At Spring Vale, Jamaica, on the 24th January Lieut. John CLERK, of the 92d Regiment. (The Edinburgh Advertiser of April 20, 1824)

CLIFTON, Rev. George Hill Rector of Rippie and Queen-Hill, Worcestershire, married to Frances, only child of the late W. B. WRIGHT, Esq. of Enfield, in the Island of Jamaica, on 16th August, at St. John's, Paddington [Middlesex, England]. Fisher's Colonial Magazine and Commercial Maritime Journal, 1842. Vol. 1, No. 2, page 253

COMRIE, Kathleen (Kay) (nee Brandon) - Passed away peacefully at home, after a long illness on Friday, November 9, 2012, at the age of 86. Wife of Earle, mother of Michael and Jennifer and grandmother of Brandon (Knabenschuh). She is also survived by her sister Lois (Brandon) in Kingston, Jamaica. Thursday, November 15th, 2012 Memorial Service at the R.S. Kane Funeral Home, 6150 Yonge Street, Toronto, Canada.
[Kathleen Brandon was the daughter of Roy Harcourt Brandon and his wife, Adelisa Vaz.]

CONNOR, Mrs. Hilda (nee Skipton). Born Oct. 1865, Jamaica, WI. Died Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, 11th Oct. 1946, age 81, Residence Vancouver B.C.
Reference British Columbia Vital Records (BCVR) 1946 Death Registration #011756 Family History Library Film #2032423

CONNOR, John Victor, occupation Hardware Salesman, b.28 April 1897 Kingston, Jamaica, BWI. Father Joseph Charles CONNOR b. Belfast, Ireland. Mother Hilda SKIPTON b. Kingston, Jamaica, BWI. Died 8 July 1968, Burnaby, B.C. residence Burnaby, B.C. Buried Burnaby, B.C. Registration #68-09-009611

CROSSWELL, Mr. Ivor Kingsley, born Kingston, Jamaica, WI. Died Tampa, Florida, USA, 17th Jan. 2003. Residence Kingston, Jamaica, age 66.
Reference Toronto Star Newspaper Obits, 21st Jan. 2003

CROTHERS - Capt Crothers died, washed overboard of Schooner O'Kelly. Morning Journal March 2nd 1842.

CRUCHLEY, Claudius Constantine [white], born 2 April 1880 Jamaica. Died 26 Oct. 1969 Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Father James Cruchley. Mother Jane Smith. Wife Maria Isabel Pouiat
British Columbia, Canada microfilm. Death Reg. 69-09-014678

CRUICKSHANK. DEATHS - At Arbroath, William CRUICKSHANK, Esq., late of the Island of Jamaica. (The Edinburgh Advertiser of 23 September 1817)

DALE, Dr. Edmund Herbert Dale was born in Stewart Town, Jamaica on July 18, 1920 and later moved to Canada. He became a Canadian citizen after receiving most of his graduate and postgraduate education in London, England. He went on to head the University of Regina's geography department, and the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries named him a Friendship Ambassador in 2002, only the second Canadian to be so honoured. An autobiography, 'Relentless Struggle,' written in 2000, chronicled his determination to rise from poverty in rural Jamaica. An Air Cadet, he volunteered for service in the RAF in 1943, slipping away at night so his mother would not try to stop him. After the war he remained in England for teacher training. Required by colonial rules to go back to Jamaica, he taught there for two years, then returned to England for a BSc (Honours) and MSc at the University of London. He pursued his PhD in urban and political geography at the University of Alberta, receiving that degree in1967. In 1989 he went to China for a year to teach. Dale, who died on Feb. 8, never married. (Special Obituary, The Globe and Mail, July 27, 2011>

DALEY, Gerald Lloyd died peacefully with his family and friends by his side at Toronto General Hospital on Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at age 81. Gerald, husband of Sybil for 61 years. Father of Yvonne, Claudette (Enley Boyd), Jacqueline (Ronald Mason), Ingrid (Neville Bradnock), Michelle (Robert Martin) and the late Marcia and Astley Dunn. Grandfather of 14 and great-grandfather of 7. Brother of Avril of Oshawa, Cecil, Patrick and Leila of Jamaica, Osra of New York, Wilton of Toronto, Enid of Florida and the late Monica of Oshawa.. Funeral Service on Saturday, September 15, 2012 at St. George's Memorial Church, 39 Cowan Street, Oshawa. Entombment Mount Lawn Memorial Gardens.
Published in the Toronto Star on September 8, 2012

DARON, Pierre Elie Theodore Miladan,
Born: ca 1807 Jamaica. Died: August 14, 1872, New Orleans (Source: Orleans Parish Death Index 1872, Vol. 55, page 380)

DAVIDSON, Edmond Leonard - Died in his 78th year at Peterborough Regional Health Centre on January 27, 2009. Husband of Elsa and father of Mike (Sue) in Peterborough, Bruce (Veronica) in Walkerton and Andy (Doris) in Richmond Hill, (Melanie) Peterborough. Grandfather of Jeremy, Ben, Matt, Cassie, Angelina, and Paul. Brother of Greta (Markham) and Carroll (Nassau, Bahamas). Predeceased by his brother Lindsay. A Memorial Service was held on Saturday, April 11, 2009 at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, 140 Brooke Street, Thornhill.

DAVIDSON, Richard Groom. On Monday, September 18, 2006. Richard Davidson, husband of Joan. Father and father-in-law of Mark, Ian and Alison, and Brian and Kristina. Brother of Christine Nunes. Brother-in-law of Marilyn and Ronald Delevante, and Anthony and Marion Alberga. Devoted Papa of Corey, Daniel, Ryann, Tori, Jaimie, Jordyn, and Jessica. Memorial service on Wednesday, September 20th, 2006. Interment, Har Zion section of Pardes Shalom Cemetery. Shiva 73 Millcreek Crescent, Thornhill.

DAVIS, Charles John ("Buster"), passed away peacefully on September 18th, 2007 after a courageous battle with cancer. Survived by wife Jennifer, daughters Christine Guilfoyle (David), Jennifer Finlason (Howard), son Steve (Denise), grandchildren Tanya, Shane, Sean, Wendy, Mathew, Timothy, Sabrina, and great-grandchildren. Funeral service Monday, September 24th, 2007 at Unionville Alliance, located at 4898 16th Avenue (east of Kennedy Road) in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

DAVIS, Dr. Claude Seymour, passed away at his home in Hamilton on Wednesday morning, August 10, 2011, at the age of 68, after battling cancer. He leaves behind his wife of 43 years, Marcia their sons, Kevin and Dean daughters-in-law, GuyLaine and Michelle grandchildren, Antoni and Angélique brothers, Karl and Norris sisters, Yvonne, Marjorie and Nella. His professional career included service as a Lecturer in Chemistry at the University of the West Indies and a Vice President of Bovar Environmental in Toronto. He served as a member of the Board of Governors of the University of Toronto for three consecutive terms President of Tropicana Community Services and President of the Canadian Chapter of the Jamaica College Old Boys' Association. A memorial service was held on Saturday, August 20, 2011, at St. John's Anglican Church, 272 Wilson Street East, in Ancaster, Ontario. A commemorative service was planned for Friday, September 2, 2011, in Jamaica, at the University of the West Indies chapel at the Mona campus in Kingston. (Obituary,

DAVIS, Neville Luemore, passed away on April 24, 2003 at the Health Sciences Centre. He was born on October 28, 1940 in Kingston, Jamaica. He moved to England in 1960 where he met and married Itilda Cooke. They moved to Canada as a family in 1975. He is survived by his wife Itilda (Fay) and sons Paul (Maylene), grandchildren Michael and Nicole Anthony (Carol). Brother Keith Winters of England and many other relatives. Funeral Service on Monday April 28, 1:00 p.m. Interment to follow at Glen Eden Memorial Gardens, Manitoba, Canada.

DAVIS, Sonja B (nee Dixon). Born 10/22/1942, Kingston, Jamaica. Died 03/01/2007, Mission Viejo, California, USA. Parents: Joslyn and Joyce Dixon. Children: 3 sons

On a canopied sarcophagus in Metairie Cemetery, Orleans Parish, Louisiana, there are 3 names:
Samuel DELGADO: Sept. 5, 1829 - May 12, 1905 (Birth date agrees with Jewish births on Death date agrees with : New Orleans Death Index, Vol. 135, pg. 289)
Virginia McRae DELGADO: Died Oct. 14, 1906 (Death date agrees with: New Orleans Death Index, Vol 149, pg. 184 - 70 years old. Samuel's wife, according to 1880 census).
Isaac DELGADO - see his photograph
Nov. 23, 1839 - Jan. 4, 1912 (Date of death agrees with New Orleans Death Index - Vol. 153, pg. 1108 - 71 years old. Isaac Delgado, the son of Samuel's brother, was born in Jamaica on November 23, 1838, as listed elsewhere on this website. If this is the same person, the year of birth on the sarcophagus is incorrect. It would also call into question the 1880 federal census which lists him as Samuel's brother. )

DEMPSTER, Halbert David , Of Mississauga, Ontario and Kingston, Jamaica, died on Saturday, February 3, 2007. Dearly beloved husband of Lilyan Dempster father of Diana Dempster-Messoloras, Dawn Ridley, and the late Dennyse Dempster-King. Grandfather of David King. Father-in-law of Michael Ridley. Brother-in-law of Winnifred, Helen, Kathleen, Evelyn, Maurice, Hazel, Anne and Rosalie. Uncle Hal of Brian, Lisa, and many nieces and nephews. A service was held at St. Peter's Erindale Church on Friday, February 9, 2007.

DEMPSTER, Mrs. Lilyan (nee Swaby - widow of Halbert Dempster) died in May 2012 in Barbados at the age of 99. [From a correspondent]

DENT, Patricia - Dundas, Ontario, Canada
At the St. Joseph's Villa, on Saturday, August 12, 2000 in her 82nd year. Loving daughter of the late Hastings and Dora Dent of Kingston, Jamaica and sister of the late Joyce MacPhail. Pat was a long time employee of the Bank of Nova Scotia. Cremation has taken place. Arrangements by Cattel, Eaton and Chambers Funeral Home, Dundas.

[The maiden name of her mother, Dora Dent, was SHILLINGFORD. Her sister, Joyce MacPhail, was the wife of Colin MacKellar MacPhail.]

DODD, Mary Elizabeth, born Jamaica, WI. Died Oakville, Ontario, Canada, 24th Nov. 2002.
Reference Toronto Star Newspaper Obits, 2nd Dec. 2002

DORR (nee Hopwood), Grace Nanette ''Nan''
Died after a short illness on March 10, 2009 in Syracuse, New York, leaving her beloved husband, Paddy, children, David, James & Alison, & grandchildren, brothers David & Stephen Hopwood. A Memorial Service was held in Syracuse on March 22nd at St. Paul's Cathedral.
(from the Globe and Mail of March 14, 2009)

DOUGLAS, Hermine Eliza (Cookhorn), 74, of Hartford departed this life on Wednesday, (April 21, 2004) at Hartford Hospital. She was born in White River Portland, Jamaica, W.I. on March 28, 1930, to the late Septimus and Rebecca (Davis) Cookhorn. She immigrated to the USA in 1969, and worked in healthcare for many years until her retirement in 1990. She leaves to cherish her memory two daughters, Maisie Elaine Spyke, and Gweneth Douglas both of Bloomfield two sons, Rupert Gore of Atlanta, GA, and Winston Davis of Hartford two devoted sons-in-law, Clemente Spyke and Vernnie Percy both of Bloomfield a daughter-in-law, Elaine Davis of Hartford a devoted granddaughter and caretaker, Antoinette Washington other grandchildren, Laverne, Joseph, Jayson, Jonathan, Anthony, Sarah, Erica, Jia, Andre, Winston, Jr., Penelope, Merrick and Alwyn 13 great grandchildren and a host of nieces, nephews. Internment in Mt. View Cemetery, Bloomfield. Hartford Courant on 4/22/2004.

DUHANEY, George (Owner Achiever Driving School), died suddenly on December 28th, 2012 at the Ottawa General Hospital. George, husband of Irene Plurad-Duhaney. Father of Carol, Natalie, Alexander, Stephanie and Isabella. Grandfather of Shaphawa, Jinelle, Latoya & Danielle Hylton and Nathaniel & Noah Bailey. Also lovingly remembered by his family and friends in Jamaica and the Philippines. Service in Calvary Baptist Church (107 Main Street) on Saturday.
(Published in The Ottawa Citizen on January 3, 2013)

DUPEE, Kathleen Joyce, O.D. - Passed away peacefully in Welland, Ontario, Canada on Thursday, January 5, 2012 in her 94th year. Survived by her sisters-in-law Joan and Joyce Dupee as well as by nieces and nephews. Formerly of Kingston, Jamaica, she worked for the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation. She was the last of a family of twelve children. Thursday, January 12, 2012 from 11 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the McEachnie Funeral Home (28 Old Kingston Road, Ajax, 905-428-8488). The Funeral Service was held in the Chapel at the McEachnie Funeral Home, 28 Old Kingston Road, Ajax. Interment followed at the Pine Ridge Memorial Gardens.

DUPEE, Peter Herbert Manley, on Sunday, October 17, 2010, leaving his loving wife Joan of 58 years, their children Mark, Jane, Karen, Chris, grandchildren, siblings Kathleen and Fred, many nieces and nephews. A Service was held on Friday, October 22, 2010 at R. S. Kane Funeral Home (6150 Yonge Street at Goulding, south of Steeles). Interment followed at Highland Memory Gardens (Toronto Star)

DYER, Marjorie V., 53, of Coral Springs, Florida, died June 1, 2004. Born November 2, 1950 in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. She married Lynval Dyer on June 21, 1975. She is survived by her husband 3 children, Meleesa McKenzie, Dajhun Dyer, and Kharla Dyer mother Evelyn Jones 7 sisters, 2 brothers, and a host of other relatives. Funeral service at Community Christian Church.

EID, Dula Maisie, born Ocho Rios, Jamaica, WI. Died Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 11th Dec. 2002.
Reference Toronto Star Newspaper Obits, 17th Dec. 2002.

ESCOFFERY, BRUCE MILTON. Died April 26, 2008, at North York General Hospital, Toronto, Canada. Born February 24, 1929. Beloved husband for over 54 years of Betty (Elizabeth June Bentley). Father of William Bruce, Bentley Douglas and his wife Mary Ann, Warren Bradley and his wife Jeannie. Grandfather of Kelly, Brittany, William, Laura, Heather, Emily and Matthew and Melanie Davidson. Twin brother of Warren and his wife Nattie of Edmonton, younger brother of David and his late wife Bette of Calgary, older brother of Carole and husband Brian Butler. Bruce was a retired Vice President of Trans Canada Pipelines, a member of St. George's Anglican Church and a member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario. Funeral at Kane Funeral Home, 6150 Yonge Street, at Goulding, on April 30, 2008.

FACEY, Richard Herbert Rhodes. Suddenly at Etobicoke General Hospital, on Sunday, April 8, 2007, Richard Facey, Bolton, in his 73rd year, beloved husband of Maureen Farquharson. Dear father of Judy Facey, Anna and Gary Williams, Elizabeth and Chris Buettner, William and Karen Facey. Loving grandfather of Kyle, Nicholas, Sydney, Sarah, Amanda and Madeline. Funeral Mass will be held in Holy Family Roman Catholic Church, 60 Allan Drive, Bolton on Wednesday morning, April 11 at 10 o'clock. Followed by cremation.

FARAH, Olga D., 90, of Boca Raton, died Friday Sept. 3, 2004. A resident of South Florida for 40 years, formerly from Jamaica, W.I. Survived by her brother Ferris Ziadie of West Palm Beach sisters, Violet Shagoury of VT, Sophie Mijares of Miami, Annie Martin of Pompano Beach, Theresa Ziadie of CA, Juliette Ziadie of Jamaica sister-in-law Ann Nimer of CT and many nieces and nephews. Final inurnment at Queen of Heaven Cemetery. Sun-Sentinel on 9/12/2004.

FIGUEROA, Kathleen Elise (nee Petrie)
April 24, 1928 - October 22, 2003
Died in Toronto, in her 76th year. Wife of 54 years of Rupert Figueroa. Loving mother of Doris Figueroa and her husband Nicholas Young Ann and her husband Charlie Amos of Thunder Bay Francis (Bud) and his wife Isabel of Uxbridge Nancy Figueroa and her husband Dr. Richard Fralick Kathleen M. Figueroa Lisa Figueroa and her husband Vern Schneeball of Sicamous, B.C. Stella Figueroa and her husband Eric Sloan of Oshawa. Grandchildren Laura and Bobby Amos Vanessa and Matthew Figueroa John, Michael and Jamie Fralick Eric and Austin Schneebell Shauna Sloan Nicole and Lisa Young. Kathleen was predeceased by her loving parents, Osmond an Doris Pietrie of Jamaica and by her beloved granddaughter Jessica Sloan. She will be missed by her sister Isla Vickers of Jamaica and by her many brothers-in-law, sisters-in law, nieces, nephews, and friends particularly Jean and Tony Figueroa, Lloyd and Enith Figueroa, Drs. Anna and Del Jarvis, Marin and Bill Demmery, Hilary Houston, the Wimbs family, Rev. Canon John and Gwen Fralick. A Funeral Mass was held to celebrate her life Monday, October 27 at St. Boniface Church, Scarborough.

FIGUEROA, Rupert William Francis Xavier - the sudden death on Tuesday, September 28 in the Emergency Department at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto. He was predeceased on October 22, 2003 by his wife Kathleen. He leaves to mourn Doris Figueroa and her husband Nick Young (Nicole, Boris, Mia and Niko and Lisa and Oliver) Ann and Charlie Amos (Laura, Mario and Owen Alana and Bobby) Francis (Bud) and Isabel (Vanessa and Matthew) Nancy Figueroa and Dr. Richard Fralick (John, Michael and James) Kathleen Figueroa and Neville Pereira (Renee) Lisa Figueroa and Vern Schneebeli (Eric and Austin Rupert) and Stella and Eric Sloan (Shauna). He was predeceased September 22, 1994 by his granddaughter Jessica Sloan. He was born February 25, 1922 in Kingston, Jamaica. He was predeceased by his siblings John (Dorothy) and Ferdinand (Lilieth). He is mourned by his remaining siblings: Sr. Clare-Marie O.S.F. Tony (Jean) Marin (Bill) Angela (Richard) Carmen (Richard) Peter (Carol) and Paul (Maria Josefa). and by his many nieces and nephews. In search of a good life for his future children, Dad immigrated to Canada on October 16, 1948 (Apple Day) and married in Toronto on June 25, 1949. He was a Master Gardener and won numerous awards for his prized flowers, particularly his roses. At the age of 62 he graduated from Ryerson University with his diploma in Landscape Architecture. That year his daughter Kathleen also graduated from Ryerson. A Funeral Mass was held Tuesday, October 5 at 10:30 a.m. at St. Bonaventure Church (1300 Leslie, just south of Lawrence). (Toronto Star Sep 30, 2010)

FOORD, Marguerite Elise "Meg" died at home on January 12. Born in Kingston, Jamaica in February, 1926, Meg was the youngest of six children of William and Blanche Soutar. She married Ted in 1948 and they moved to Canada in 1954 with two young sons. They lived in Sorel, Quebec for 25 years, Toronto for 7 years, and have been in Victoria for the past 20 years. Meg is survived by her husband Ted brothers Don and Farren (Joy) sister Yvonne sons Chris (Jenny) and Steve (Toby) grandchildren Sharene (Dugald) and Steven (Cicily) and great-grandchildren Sophie, Elise, and Arco. A service celebrating Meg's life was held on Friday, January 18 at McCall Bros., 1400 Vancouver Street in Victoria.

FOREMAN, Arthur Vernon (Sonny) - Died on Friday, April 17, 2009 at the Credit Valley Hospital, at the age of 88. Husband of Elaine for 54 years. Father of Robert. Brother of Barbara and her husband Colin. Left nieces, nephew, cousins and other family members and friends in Canada, the U.S., Jamaica and the U.K. A Service of Remembrance was held at St. Peter's Erindale Anglican Church, 1745 Dundas St. W. (at Mississauga Rd.), on Friday, April 24, 2009 (from Toronto Star).

FOSTER, Ella Elfleeda Hyam, of New Rochelle died Tuesday July 24, 2001 at Sound Shore Medical Center. Born Jamaica BWI, she is survived by her husband Fitzgerald sons Fitz Donovan and Maurice Dale and a daughter in law, Dianne Elizabeth. She also had many nieces and nephews. She was a former supervisor for Citi Bank in the Mortgage department. She retired in 1988. She was very active in the Presbyterian Church of New Rochelle and in The Women's Association. Interment will follow Kensico Cemetery. The Journal News, July 27, 2001.

FOWLER, Mrs. Hilda (nee Maunsell). Daughter of John Hartland Fowler. Born 25th June 1878, St. Ann Parish, Jamaica, WI. Died Oliver, British Columbia, Canada, 9th Jan 1957, Residence Osoyoos, B.C., age 78.
Reference British Columbia Vital Records (BCVR) 1957 Death Registration #57-09-001130 Family History Library Film #2033147

FOX - THE HONOURABLE MR. JUSTICE LOUIS BERTRAM died on June 8, 2010, in his 97th year. Born in Jamaica, Louis graduated from the University of Toronto and studied Law in England where he was called to the bar in 1947, after which he returned to Jamaica to set up a private practice. Louis was eventually appointed Crown Counsel, followed by appointment to the bench as Judge and finally as Justice in the Jamaican Court of Appeal. In 1974, Louis immigrated to Canada and was admitted to the Ontario Bar Association in 1982 as Barrister and Solicitor. In 1984 he resigned from legal practice. He moved to Goderich in 1994. Louis was the son of the late Marie Ethlyn (Grant) and Isaiah Bertram Fox, and was predeceased by his brothers, Leslie, Henry, Harold and Richard and his sister, Joyce. He will be sadly missed by sisters Edith, Helen, Sybil and Peggy and brother Huie. Predeceased by spouses Nelly and Pauline, Louis will be left his wife, Winifred, and daughter, Hillary of Toronto. The Rev'd. Canon Allan Livingstone officiated at a celebration and thanksgiving for Louis' life at St. George's Anglican Church in Goderich on June 26, 2010.
[Extracted from the Goderich Signal-Star - June 16, 2010]
According to the "Genealogy of Jamaica" CD, he was born in 1913 in May Pen, Clarendon, the son of Isaiah Bertram Fox and Nellie Blanche Hudson.

FRASER, Hyacinth B., 60, of Manchester St., Hartford went home to be with the Lord on Wednesday, (July 7, 2004). She was born in St. James, Jamaica, W.I. and has resided in Hartford, for more than 40 years. She was employed at Jacobs Manufacturing Company in Bloomfield for more than 24 years, and was a member of the Greater Bible Way Church in Hartford. She leaves to cherish her memory her husband Franklin a son, Irod Brown a daughter, Carolyn and son-in-law, Alan Hawkins both of Florida her brothers, Ruben Hall of Hartford, and Adrian Wilson of Jamaica, W.I. sisters, Eula Collins, Oliveine, and Deloris Johnson all of Hartford three step daughters, Gwendolyn, Angela Jones, and Diane Brown two step sons, Trevor Jr., and Melvin her granddaughter, Jasmine Brown of Florida, and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, other relatives and friends. Internment will be in Mountain View Cemetery, Bloomfield. Hartford Courant (7/14/2004)

FULLER, Maud Valerie, December 9, 1933 - January 17, 2013. She will be truly missed by her four Godchildren, for whom she became "Mother", Marc Nelson, Dr. Celia Nelson, Jeremy Nelson and Rooney Nelson. Maud taught special needs children and worked with the Toronto District School Board and at OISE, University of Toronto for many years until her retirement. She was also co-founder and former President of the UWI Alumni Association (Toronto Chapter). The funeral service was held on Saturday, January 26, 2013 in St. Clement's Church, 70 St. Clement's Ave., Toronto. A service was also held at the University Chapel, Mona and interment in Jamaica.
(Published in the Toronto Star on January 23, 2013)

GARCIA, Amy Louise J(osephine) [Nee Jensen, daughter of Capt. Chresten Marinus Jensen and Frances Louisa Plenger - born onboard the Danish Schooner "Packet", Port of Lucea, Jamaica on October 31, 1894. Married Robert Donald Melbourne Garcia April 20, 1911 Jamaica.] Died April 18, 1977 North Cowichan, BC, Canada [Buried: May 18, 1977 - St. Andrew Parish Church Cemetery, Churchyard West, Half Way Tree, Jamaica]. Age 82. Died NORTH COWICHAN, (Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada). Reg. Number: 1977-09-006096 - B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B13576 the British Columbia, Canada, Vital Events Index - Death Registrations 1872 - 1979.

GARDNER. London - Commodore GARDNER is arrived at Portsmouth from Jamaica, with his Majesty's ships, Europe and Expedition.(The London Times of 25 August 1789)

GIGG, Beatrix Daisy Downing, [white], born 29 Sept. 1891, The Farm, Pedro, P.O. St. Ann, Jamaica. Died 27 Oct. 1969 Victoria, B.C., Canada. Father David Carvalho. Mother Catherine Pottingo. Death Reg. 69-09-014791

GORDON. Memorial stone from the church at Newtimber in Sussex. It reads:
Charles Gordon of Newtimber Place and of Braco in the Island of Jamaica Esq. died April 28th 1839, aged 54. Also Anne Sarah, his widow, daughter of the late James Pitman, Esq. of Dunchidcock Co. Devon, died September 12th 1873, aged 64 years.

GOULBOURNE, Jean Agatha (nee Clemetson) - On March 2nd, in her 86th year. Predeceased by her husband Paul survived by her son Paul Andrew and his wife Kathleen, her daughter Jillian and her sisters Marie, Lisa, Doreen and Shirley, her grandchildren Olivia, John and Maryn and by her nieces and nephews and extended family. A funeral mass was held at St. Margaret's Catholic Church, 589 Hugel Avenue, Midland, ON. Interment in Kingston, Jamaica.
From The Toronto Star

GRANT. DEATHS - In the Island of Jamaica, 1st day of August last, James GRANT, Esq., of Pleasant Hill, near Spanish Town.(The Edinburgh Advertiser of 06 October 1809)

GRANT. Notice to Colquhoun GRANT about funds to be claimed that belonged to his late brother Lewis GRANT, Esq. of the Parish of St. Elizabeth, in the Island of Jamaica worked for the Leith Shipping Company in the year 1812. (The Edinburgh Advertiser of 04 December 1821)

GRANT. DEATHS - At sea, on his passage from Jamaica, on the 18th July, James Colquhoun GRANT, Esq. (The Edinburgh Advertiser of 27 September 1822)

GRAY, Trevor Anthony, M.B., B.S., FRCPC July 1, 1939 to July 9, 2012, a pioneer in Canadian neurology, passed away in Toronto following a short illness. He was 73. Trevor was born in Kingston, Jamaica and attended Campion Hall and Jamaica College. He went on to study medicine at University College of the West Indies as an external student of London University, UK. Upon graduation from his neurology training at the University of Toronto in 1968, he attended the National Hospital for Nervous Diseases in London, England. He returned to Canada in 1970 and joined the staff of St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, where he practiced and taught for more than 40 years. Dr. Gray was an associate professor at the University of Toronto and Division Head from 1980-1995. Trevor was the father of Kathryn, Christina, Cameron and Matthew and grandfather to seven grandchildren. He wasl also survived by his sister Marlene and her family. A service of remembrance was held at the Turner & Porter Yorke Chapel, 2357 Bloor St. W., at Windermere, on Saturday, July 14th. Cremation and a later service for family will took place at Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

Globe & Mail and the Toronto Star on July 11, 2012.

GREENE, Hermine Agatha, 66, passed into her eternal resting place on April 22, 2004. She was surrounded by loved ones when she finally closed her eyes at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, N.Y. Mama Kiddy, as she was affectionately known, came from the strong roots of Elizabeth (Hunter) and Hezekiah Greene on January 12, 1938. She immigrated to the United States from John's Hall, St. James, Jamaica, W.I. on February 14, 1969 on the wings of her best friends, Sylvia Thompson. She was a dedicated and hard working employee at the Albany County Nursing Home for over 25 years. She gave her life to Christ at an early age and was a member in good standing at Macedonia Baptist Church. Hermine is survived by her four children, Euton Morris (Lois), Cornell Thorpe (Norma), Lorraine Thorpe, all of Albany, N.Y. and Jennifer Coplin (Louis) of Glenmont, N.Y. She is also survived by her best friend of over 40 years, Sylvia Thompson (Ainsley) sisters, Verlin Garvey, Cynthia Campbell, Gloria Moncriffe brother, Eric Greene (Vera) as well as 20 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren and a host of nieces, nephews, many friends and loved ones. Interment in Graceland Cemetery, Albany. Albany Times Union (4/28/2004

HADDAD, Derrick. On Sunday, December 12, 2010 Dr. Derrick Antonio Haddad, son of Elias Haddad and Juliette (Nee Ziadie) died in Kitchener. He is survived by his wife Lisbeth and sons Mark (Wendy), Dimitri (Diana), Alister (Kerry), Nathan, Allan (Munira) and Aaron grandchildren Emma, Christian, Kyle, Alia, Liliana, Gabriel, Ayla, Paige and Layla brothers and sisters Richard (Mel), Ronald (Helena), Patrick (Sheila), Michael (Hazel), Janet (Winston), Paul (Joanne), David and Marie. Derrick had two homelands, Jamaica and Canada. Mass of Celebration was held on Friday, December 17, 2010 at St. John's Lutheran Church 22 Willow Street, Waterloo. (Kitchener-Waterloo Record)

HAINING, William, formerly of Jamaica, buried in Dumfries, Scotland 5/10/1808.

From Cornwall Record Office, England
P133/1/6 Madron (near Penzance)
Clarinda Harding, a Negro girl from Jamaica, baptised 31st Jan 1767

HARRIS, Gertrude Mabel Harris" born Kingston Jamaica 1889. She married Cecil Thornley Stewart a famous Artist who painted in Jamaica and South Africa.They moved to South Africa some time before March 29, 1915 as they where married on that date in Durban South Africa. She died in South Africa on March 22, 1917

HARRY, Grace Emily - Wife of Dr. Valentine Harry, deceased, formerly of Port Maria, Jamaica, passed away on April 4, 2013, in Toronto, Canada. Born in St. Thomas, Jamaica, on February 22, 1914, Grace is survived by her sister, Allison Thompson of Vancouver, Canada, Grace's three children, Dr. Gervais Harry and Dr. Philip Harry, both of Toronto, and Dr. Beth Harry of Miami, Florida. Grace also leaves daughters-in-law Monica and Gerrie Harry, son-in-law, Ben Telson, and 11 grandchildren - Guy, Rachel, Miles, Grace, Valentina, Nigel, Simon, Natalie, Andrew and Brendan Harry, all of Toronto, and Mark Teelucksingh of Miami. She leaves also 3 great-grandchildren - Maya and Naomi Harry, and Georgia Hajek, all of Toronto. A memorial service was held at The Simple Alternative at 1535 South Gateway Road, Mississauga on April 10, 2013.
(Toronto Star of April 8, 2013)

HAWKINS, Terry Evelyn Hawkins, Esq., 79, Insurance Broker & Company Director, late of London, Miami and Montego Bay, Jamaica. A funeral mass was held at St. Thomas the Apostle Roman Catholic Church, 7377 SW 64th Street, South Miami, Florida 33143, on Saturday morning the 12th of October, 2013

The New York Times, July 21, 1859
We regret to have again to chronicle the death of one of those gentlemen of the old school, whose lives have been an example to their fellow-men and credit to our City. Mr. David Henriques died yesterday at his residence at St Mark's place after an illness of some weeks, and at the age of 76 years. Mr. Henriques was born in the city of Kingston, in the island of Jamaica, in the year 1783 - where he lived until the year 1823 - when, having amassed a competence, and, foreseeing the unhappy social changes which British legislation would effect in the colony, he came to New York, intending to make this City his permanent home. Some few years after he had settled here, he was induced to enter the firm of the Josephs, then doing a very large Banking and Stock business in Wall-street. After remaining in that house but a brief space, he withdrew his capital and retired some years before the concern failed. Since that period he has lived in retirement from active life, devoting himself to his family, to whom, as to all who knew him, he was a bright example of rectitude, kindness, charity, sincerity, and unbounded hospitality.
The funeral will take place on Friday morning, from the house in St. Mark's place, in which the family have resided for the past twenty-eight years

HENRIQUES, David Philipe Cohen, son of the late Philip and Rebecca Cohen Henriques of Kingston, Jamaica, where he was born 28th Jan. 1851. Died in London 1st March 1911. He was one of the founders of the late Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue in his native land.

HENRIQUES, Harold, husband of Mildred Henriques, son of Gordiana and the late David Philipe Cohen Henriques of Kingston, Jamaica, born April 1899.

(From tombstones in the Hoop Lane Cemetery in Golders Green, N. W. London, England)

HENRY, Ethlyn Carmen (nee Gillis) passed away on the 31st May 2004. Mother of Beverley, Landis and Desmond and wife of Luther, their spouses, John, Joycelyn and Jennifer her grandchildren, Melanie, Jonathan, Jake and Christer. She was a beautician, seamstress and factory worker. Ethlyn was born in Jamaica on the 23rd February 1921. She married Luther (an RAF veteran) in 1940 and they remained happily married until his death in 1986. The family moved to England in 1963 and to Canada in 1981. Mass of Christian Burial at Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church, 254 Arnold Ave. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on Monday June 7.

HENZELL, Perry, was one of the most noteworthy figures of Caribbean cinema. His masterpiece was "The Harder They Come" in 1972, co-written with the leading Jamaican dramatist Trevor Rhone, starring reggae singer Jimmy Cliff. Mr. Henzell was born on March 7th, 1936, in Port Maria on Jamaica's north coast and was raised on the Caymanas sugar-cane estate. His paternal grandfather, descended from Huguenot glassblowers, married into an old Antiguan family, while his mother was from an equally established family in Trinidad. He formed Vista Productions in 1959. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2000, and died on November 30, 2006. He is survived by Sally, his wife of 41 years, son Jason, daughters Justine and Toni Ann, sisters Judy and Susan and 4 grandchildren. [Condensed from Guardian News Service]

Epitaph found in the Christian burial ground in Northam Road, Penang [Malaysia]:

Anne Herne
… widow of George Herne, late of Trelawny, Jamaica died Caledonia Estate Province Wellesley… Died 10 July 1876. Aged 51 years.

This item was sent to me by a historian in Penang, who also writes:
Caledonia Estate is found in Province Wellesley which is the strip of land on the main Peninsula, across the channel from Penang Island. It is still within Penang State, which comprises Penang Island and Province Wellesley (now called Prai). We know generally that some people migrated from the West Indies to Penang around the time, say 1840s, when sugar became a major cash crop in Penang. Among them were Chinese with the name 'Hoalim' from the West Indies ( British Guyana?)

HEWITT, Arora (nee Gordon)
Died in Toronto on Friday 20th March 2009. Alumna of St. Hugh's High School in Kingston, Jamaica and School of Radiography, University Hospital of The West Indies. Danced with Eddie Thomas Dance Troupe in Kingston during the sixties. Sadly missed by Colin, her husband of 38 years, children Melanie and James, sisters Cislyn Burke (Florida) and Crecent Wedderburn (Kingston ON). Service: Friday, March 27, at Jubilee United Church, 40 Underhill Drive, Toronto.

HIGGINS, Dr. Godfrey Dillon - died on the morning of June 16, 2012 at Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Godfrey was born on September 8, 1937 to Clinton Alexander Higgins and Winnifred Maud Higgins (nee Case) in St. Ann Jamaica. Godfrey is predeceased by his father and by his first wife, Phyllis Estaire Higgins (nee White) and is survived by his mother Winnifred. Godfrey attended Happy Valley High School in Portland Jamaica. In 1957, at the age of 19 Godfrey left Jamaica to attend Howard University in Washington, DC. There he earned an undergraduate degree in Science and a graduate degree as a Doctor of Dental Surgery. In 1966, Godfrey with his young family returned to Jamaica to practice dentistry in Ocho Rios. In 1970 they immigrated to Canada. After 42 years of practicing dentistry, Godfrey retired from his College street dental office in Toronto in 2008. He is survived by daughter Sonia, Peter (Dale) and Derek (Karen) by grandsons Dylan and Iain, by second wife Clara Gavino and by siblings Myrtle, Burnette (Ivy), Orville (Bev), Paulette (Derek), Faye (Cecile), Venn (Ken), June (Sandy) and Maxine, along with many cousins, nieces, nephews, grandnieces and nephews. A celebration of Godfrey's life was held on Thursday, June 21, 2012 at the Glen Oaks Memorial Chapel, 3164 Ninth Line, Oakville (Dundas/403).
The Toronto Star, June 18, 2012

Monday, at Bramford Speke by Rev John Mudge, John Stogdon Highatt Esq. of the Island of Jamaica, to Mary Ann Eliza, youngest daughter of the late John Tharp, Esq. of Chippenham Park, Cambridgeshire. TREWMANS EXETER FLYING POST of Aug 19, 1824

HIGHATT, John. An inquisition was held on Tuesday last, by Thomas Copner Esq. coroner, at Ilfracombe, on the body of Mr. John Stogden Highatt a gentleman who died on board a vessel, off Lundy Island, from Bristol, bound to Jamaica, a certificate of his death was sent onshore from the master and passengers on board the said vessel, and it is supposed he ruptured a blood vessel - Verdict accordingly. BRIDGEWATER AND SOMERSET HERALD of March 30, 1831

HOPKINS, Agatha P. aged 91, passed away August 10, 2013 in Brooksville, Florida. She was born in Jamaica, West Indies and was a retired healthcare worker. She came to the USA in the 1940's. She worked at Willowbrook Developmental Center in Staten Island, NY until it closed, but continued her efforts to care for children at the The Brooklyn Developmental Center in Brooklyn, NY, from which she eventually retired. She was awarded by New York's Governor Carey for her work with children, one of her proudest achievements.
Upon retiring, Aggie moved to Florida, finally settling in Ocala where she bought a home and began gardening. She loved it and was so devoted to it she won an award for the best garden of the month in her area. She is preceded in death by her beloved husband, Eugene L. Hopkins, great-grandson, Tyler P. Lawrence, two brothers and two sisters.
She is survived by her daughter, Beverley, son-in-law Wilston Baptiste grandson Ronald P. Lawrence, his wife Nancy great-granddaughter, Katherine two brothers, Alexander Peart and Elliot Peart and their wives her sister, May Jane Edwards her step-grandchildren, Kimberly Carter and Bryant Baptiste and great-granddaughters, Miss'Ola Dennis and Brynesia Cato along with many nieces, nephews and friends.

HOPWOOD, Stephen Andrew, 69, of Clearwater, died Tuesday, July 31, 2012. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Oct. 16, 1942, to Herbert and Beryl Hopwood, Stephen grew up in Jamaica, and emigrated to Florida with his family in 1974, where he operated a successful exporting business. He was actively involved in church, and also enjoyed traveling, genealogy, history, books, fishing, football, and a good joke. Stephen never knew a stranger, and his generosity and kindness was evident to everyone he met. Stephen is survived by his loving wife of 42 years, Elizabeth, and their children Deborah, Edward and his wife Carly, and Janie and her husband Todd grandchildren Tristan, David, Hannah, Kyle, CeCe, Hartley and Jason and his brother David. He was predeceased by his parents, Herbert and Beryl Hopwood, and his sister, Nanette. A celebration of Stephen's life was held in Clearwater, on Aug. 18, 2012 at St. Alfred's Episcopal Church. May Stephen's kindness live on in and be paid forward by those of us left behind.

[Note from Jamaican Family Search - the author and readers of this site are grateful to Stephen for the materials which he contributed to it.]

HUNTER. DEATHS - Died, of bronchitis, at No. 7 Edward Street, Bath, on the 17th inst., aged seventy-seven, Mary Anne, widow of the late Andrew HUNTER, Esq., younger of Lochrennie, in the Stewartry of Kirkudbright, N. B. [Scotland], and of the Island of Jamaica. (The Edinburgh Evening Courant of 22 April 1869)

INGLIS, Robert, was a Methodist missionary in Jamaica from c1834 - 1843 when he moved on to St Kitts. His circuit was as follows - 1834 - Spanish Town - 1 year Savanna-la-mar - 1835 - 3 years Kingston - 1838 - 3 years Spanish Town - 1841 - 1 year and Grateful Hill, St. Ann - 1842 - 1 year.

INNERARITY, Fearon, single, aged 20 years, b Montpelier, St. James, last permanent address St. Ann, Jamaica, arrived in USA on SS USAT David C. Shanes, sailed from Kingston, Jamaica May 7, 1943, admitted as an agricultural laborer.

JACKSON, Mr. Rainford Henrey, born Jamaica, WI. Died London, Ontario, Canada, 20th July 1988.
Reference Bruce & Grey Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS), Surname Collection- Microfiche #157 Jackson page #32.

JAMES, Patricia (Pat) - Died on Wednesday, July 22, 2009 - her 79th birthday. Wife of Keith for 53 years, mother of Damian, Steven and Peter (deceased), mother-in-law to Lesley and Simone, grandmother to Brandon, Theresa, and Simon, and sister to Garth, Howard, Bill, Greta, Courtenay, Shirley and Genevieve. A Memorial Service was held at the Anglican Church of St. John the Baptist, Dixie located at 719 Dundas Street East, Mississauga, Ontario, on July 28th, 2009.

JOHNSON, Caswell L., PhD, 1931 - 2012, Retired Carleton University Economics Professor, passed away at the Bruyere Continuing Care, Ottawa, Ontario on Sunday, September 16, 2012. Survived by his children Alexandra, Tara, Tascha and Melanie. Also survived by his brothers in Jamaica Horace, Silford, Alton and sisters Signa McFarlane (Jamaica), Ena Weir (Bahamas). Predeceased by his parents Herbert and Iris Johnson of Hanover, Jamaica. Funeral by Kelly Funeral Home, Somerset Chapel, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
(Published in The Ottawa Citizen on September 22, 2012)

JOHNSON, Joy Elizabeth (nee Holness), widow of Alvin Ira Johnson, died November 9, 2012. Joy, born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies on July 23, 1939 was one of nine children born to George and Olive Holness. Mother of Diane N., Brian S. (Ann Marie) and Maya. Grandmother of Vanessa and Tyler Bethune Hassani, Malik and Aliyah Johnson and Alexei Campbell. She is survived by one brother, Clive Holness and two sisters Dorothea and Allison Holness. Funeral Services on Saturday November 17, 2012 at Feron's Funeral Home 1010 Shevchenko Blvd. LaSalle, Quebec, Canada.
(From Montreal Gazette, November 14-15, 2012 )

JOHNSON, Winston Lloyd, born Kingston, Jamaica. Died 10th Feb.2003, Toronto,Ontario,Canada, at age 57
Full Reference Toronto Star Newspaper 27th Feb. 2003 Obit.

JONES, Maud RN, Canadian Army Medical Corps - CD (retired), died March 29, 2013 at the age of 90. Born in Jamaica, Maud was the daughter of the late Alfred S. Jones and the late Constance L. Watt. Loving sister of Doris (Winston Chambers), Wesley and Constance (James Kinney). Predeceased by her sisters Elisabeth, Hope and her brother Leopold. In 1954 she became a Registered Nurse and was quickly promoted, the Jamaican Government seconded her to the Grand Turks and Caicos Islands for a year as the Hospital Matron. In 1955 Maud enrolled in Nursing at Queen's University in Kingston and joined the nursing staff of the Ontario Hospital KPH. She then enrolled for her military nursing training at Barriefield Army Hospital and Camp Borden. Maud was posted to the Churchill Military Base in Manitoba. From 1961 to 1963 she joined the Canadian Brigade, part of the NATO forces in Europe. In 1963 Maud returned to Canada. She retired from the Military in 1978. Beechwood Cemetery & Funeral Services, 280 Beechwood Ave. on April 12. The Interment was held with Military Honours in the National Cemetery of the Canadian Forces.
(Published in The Ottawa Citizen on April 6, 2013)

JONES. DEATHS - At Castlemains, Lanarkshire, on the 18th ult., Mrs. W. P. JONES, wife of James JONES, Esq., late Chief Secretary of the Island of Jamaica. (The Edinburgh Advertiser of 01 May 1829)

JONES. On Providence Estate, Island of Jamaica, on the 21st September, Thomas JONES, Esq. after three days' illness. (The Edinburgh Advertiser of 26 November 1822)

JOSEPHS, LESLIE AMEEN. After a courageous battle with leukemia, Leslie went to be with his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ on Monday, December 24, 2007, at home, surrounded by his family, at age 71. Cherished husband of Glenor for 46 years. Father of Mark and his wife Shelley, Randy, Peter and Tim. Proud Papa of Jonathan, Charissa, Ellisa and Daniella. Predeceased by brothers Oscar and Karam and sisters Linda, Esme and Rose, and survived by sister Lurene and her husband Stanley Karram. The Funeral Service was held on Saturday, January 5th at Unionville Alliance Church, Unionville. Interment at Springvale Baptist Cemetery.

JUNG, ROLAND CHRISTOPHER, M.D., FRCP (C) Member of the Medical Society of Nova Scotia, CMA, 56, passed away on Thursday, September 14, 2006. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, he was a son of Dorothy (Hussey) Jung and the late Fritz Jung. Survived by his wife, Kathleen (White) son, Jason, Alberta daughters, Jessica and Victoria, both at home his mother, Dorothy 'Mutti' Jung, and sister, Brunhilde (Douglas) Vaz in Jamaica brother, Rolf (Wendy) Jung, Qatar uncles, Laurie (Ruth) Hussey, Ronnie Hussey aunts, Mary (Ron) Mooney, Australia Celine and Pat Bateman, Canada. Funeral service on Saturday, September 23, in St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, Kentville, Canada

'KAUFMAN', MYER L. "MIKE", of Avon, CT, died on Thursday, December 23, 2004 after a long illness. He was born in 1908 in Jamaica, the son of the late Philip and Sarah Kaufman and was predeceased by his sisters: Anne Shernov and Rose Weiss of Jamaica. 'Mike' is survived by his beloved wife of 65 years, Joan Wise sister Henrietta daughter Sara (Marvin) Lapuk of Avon, CT son Daniel (Susan), White Plains his grandchildren, Karen Lapuk (Eric Apgar), Steven Lapuk, and Amy (Jarret) Kaufman great-grandson, David Apgar and several nephews and nieces. Mike loved to travel and met Joan on a cruise in 1938. They were engaged by the end of the cruise. They lived in Hartsdale for forty years before moving to Southbury, CT and then to Avon in February. The Journal News December 24th, 2004

KER. DEATHS - In the Island of Jamaica, on the 6th of August, Mr. Thomas KER, youngest son of Gilbert KER, Esq., late of Gateshaw. (The Edinburgh Advertiser of 05 October 1821)

KERR, George Washington, died unexpectedly, on Friday, April 5, 2013 at the Ottawa Civic Hospital. At the age of 69 years. Father of Rose Budd, Shawn Kerr (Micheline) and Howard Kerr (Gina). Brother of Sun Sun, Cynthia, Doris Iclyn and Mini. Funeral Service in the Chapel at McEvoy-Shields Funeral Home, 1411 Hunt Club Road (at Albion Road)on Saturday at 9:30 a.m., followed by interment at Hope Cemetery.
(Published in The Ottawa Citizen on April 10, 2013)

KHOURI, Fouad Francis - Passed away on July 23, 2009 at North York General Hospital at the age of 81. Beloved husband and father leaves behind Kay, Christine and Ed, Diane, David, and grandson Austen. Survived by his brothers and sisters George, Olga, Emile, Joseph, Rose Marie, and their families. A Funeral Mass was held on July 27, 2009 at St. Louis-de-France Roman Catholic Church (1415 Don Mills Road).

KING, Angela E. V., a Jamaican diplomat died on February 5, 2007, after a 38-year career at the United Nations. In 1997, she was appointed as a special adviser on gender issues and advancement of women with the rank of assistant secretary-general. She died of breast cancer at the age of 68.

KORTSCHOT, Shirley Ormsby (nee Cooper)
Peacefully, at Markham Stouffville Hospital on November 17, 2005, the day before her 74th birthday. Loving mother of Mark (Frances) and Roger. Doting Gran of Christopher and Sean. Mommy to her canine companion, Lorelei. Shirley will be sadly missed by her many cousins in the Harris family in both Canada and Jamaica. Shirley was born in Morant Bay, Jamaica and lived in London, England and Lakeland, Florida before settling in Markham, where she was a very active and devoted member of Grace Anglican Church. Shirley was a published writer, artist and photographer. She was a distinguished member of the Toronto Real Estate Board 25 Year Club. She was a dedicated supporter of World Vision.

LANE, Mrs. Milly (nee Hoilette), born Ocho Rios, Jamaica,WI. Died Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 20th Jan 2003.
Reference Toronto Star Newspaper Obits, 22nd Jan. 2003

LANGDON, Elizabeth (Betty) Phyllis Pengelley passed away quietly on October 14, 2012. She was born in Jamaica and migrated to the United States in 1976. Betty was preceded in death by her loving husband, Gordon, who was at his retirement the head of the Jamaica Constabulary, and her daughter Jennifer. She is survived by her children, Aileen and David grandchildren, Andrew, Nicola, Elizabeth and Allan great-grandchildren, Trajan, Lleyton, Madison and Kai. A remembrance service was held on Thursday, October 18, 2012, at the Northwood Presbyterian Church located at 2875 State Rd. 580, Clearwater, Florida, USA.
(From the Tampa Times)

LATHAM, of Randolph formerly of West Moreland Jamaica March 28th
Adlin W. (Miller). Beloved wife of the late Elvis Latham. Loving mother of Barrington W. Griffiths , Michael Latham and his wife Lineth, Welchman Latham and his wife Diane , Dossey Latham and his wife Jennifer, Norma Stewart and her husband Mumford all of Randolph, MA, Rev. Lincoln G. Latham Sr. and his wife Kimli , Owen Latham and his wife Beverley all of Dorchester, Hyicenth Griffiths and her husband Alponso, Violet Brown and her husband Brother Brown and Karl Latham all of Jamaica and her adopted sons Patrick Grell of Boston and Phillip Ogaro of Randolph. Also survived by 55 grandchildren, 34 great grandchildren, other relatives and a wealth of friends. A Funeral Service will be held Friday at 12:00 Noon in Gladtidings Pentecostal Assembly, 573 Norfolk St., Mattapan. Burial in Central Cemetery Randolph. Mrs. Latham died at the age of 84 in her home in Randolph, MA. She was born in Delion Bigwood West Moreland, Jamaica, West Indies. She has lived in Randolph for the past 17 years. Prior to Randolph Mrs. Latham had lived in Jamaica. Patriot Ledger (4/13/2004)

LATIBEAUDIERE, Bernard E. - Peacefully passed away at home on Monday, August 19, 2013 in his 97th year. Husband of the late Phyllis (D'Aguilar). Father to Beverley DaCosta, Joan Mclntosh (Ray), Marjorie Moeser (Barry), Audrey Olsen (Peter), Carole Dekoker (Gilbert), Robert Latibeaudiere ( Dora - both deceased), Marcia Rennie and Peta-Gaye Latibeaudiere (Michael Hoskinson). Cherished grandfather to David and Andrew Sanguinetti, Lee-Ann Fields (deceased), Stacy Granat, Inga Buigas, Karen Kinch, Kelly Olsen, Wendy Petterser,, Delia Wright, Rachael Rufino, Cathy and Justin Rennie. Honoured great- grandfather to Alexis, Taylor, Bianca and Megan Sanguinetti, Taylor and Madison Fields, Ryan and Zachary Granat, Kylie and Christian Buigas, Jordan and Julian Kinch, Dylan and Sierra Pettersen, Matteo, Paul, Roman, Christopher and Mario Rufino. Formerly C.E.O., J. Wray & Nephew, where he had a lifetime career. He will be dearly missed. A Funeral Mass was held on Saturday, August 24, 2013 at Church of the Good Shepherd (21 Simonston Boulevard, Thornhill). Interment followed at Holy Cross Cemetery.

(Former owner of Amigo's Barber Shop in Strathbogie, Jamaica, W.I.) Peacefully on Monday, January 9, 2006, at the William Osler Health Centre - Etobicoke Campus - at the age of 75 years. Beloved husband of Amy Maude Lee. Loving father of Pauline Darlington (Michael), Fitzroy, Donovan, Delroy and Melord. Dear grandfather to 23 grandchildren. Predeceased by his mother Estella and father William. Dear brother of Hazzard and Chico. Scott Funeral Home. 289 Main St. N., Brampton. Interment to take place in the Lee Family Plot, Westmorland, Jamaica, W.I

LEE, Wilfred L. (Brother Lee) - Formerly of Linstead, Jamaica, passed away peacefully in Toronto, on Thursday, August 4, 2011 in his 95th year. Husband of Mavis (Creamie). Father of Jackie (Derrick), Michael (Penny), Karen (Michael) and Jerry (Ingrid). Grandfather of Melissa (Albert), Steffany, Craig, Christopher, Lori, Carolyn, Allison, Marlon, Brianna, Brooke and Belinda. Great-grandfather of Keegan, Sierra, Katarina and Arianna. He is survived by sister Gloria and brother Ken (Valerie). The Funeral Mass was held at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church (796 Eyer Drive, Pickering) on Thursday, August 11, 2011 at 11 a.m. Interment followed at Christ the King Catholic Cemetery. (Obituary in the Toronto Star, August 6, 2011)

LESTER, Alexander, of Haines City, Florida, died Monday, January 12, 2004, in Haines City. Born in Portland, Jamaica on July 22, 1926, he came to Haines City from Jamaica 40 years ago. Mr. Lester is survived by his caregiver and companion, Margarette King, Haines City brothers, Bannie Lester, Eugene Lester, both of Portland. Services at Oakland Church of Christ. Burial in Oakland Cemetery.

LEWIS, Hyman Alexander, born 4 May 1891, Jamaica. Died 1 March 1969 Essondale,B.C. Place of residence Vancouver, B.C. Bachelor, parents unknown, race Negro
Full Reference B.C.V.R. 1969 death registration #69-09-004200 Family History Library (FHL) film #2034056

LITTLEJOHN. DEATHS - LITTLEJOHN - Herbert Trevor Late of Snowdon, Newport, Manchester and, Pockington, Yorkshire, England died Friday 1/4/83 (April 1) at the age of 79 leaving wife Freda. Burial at Barnby Moor near Pockington. (The Daily Gleaner (Kingston, Jamaica) of 7 April 1983)

LOCKETT, Keith Vernon , age 26, residence Richmond, British Columbia, born Kingston Jamaica, father Vincent Lockett, mother Sarah Vernon, married January 9, 1923 to Mary Ellen Mason at Steveston, British Columbia. Marriage registration #23-09.261472

LOPEZ, Gladys - passed away peacefully at Peterborough Regional Hospital on the 29th day of June, 2011. Gladys was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on the 12th of February, 1919. Gladys and her family immigrated to Canada from Jamaica in 1959 to start a new life. Predeceased by her husband Sebastian John (1980) mother of Sebastian (Carol), George (Anita), Inez deceased (Rudy), Michael (Dena), Kim (Brian) and Charmaine (Morgan), grandchildren: Sebastian Jr., Nadia, Rochelle, Stephen, Danny, Kristopher, Tim, Erin, Christopher, Richard, Regan and Corinne and 9 great- grandchildren. Services were held on Thursday, June 30th at Highland Funeral Home, 3280 Sheppard Avenue East, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. (Obituary in the Toronto Star, June 30, 2011)

LOPEZ, Zoe Evadne, passed away peacefully at Cummer Lodge on November 8, 2013 after a lengthy stay in the hospital in her 89th year. She leaves behind her husband Cecil of 65 years and sons Gregory, Peter "Wayne", and Christopher. Sister to Chester Tomlinson and Lois Coote. Zoe leaves grandchildren, great- grandchildren, nieces and nephews. A Celebration of Zoe's life was held at the Emmanuel Church of the Nazarene, 1875 Sheppard Avenue West, Toronto on Saturday, November 23, 2013 , after cremation. Ennichement will take place at St. Margaret's Anglican Church Liguanea, Kingston, Jamaica at a later date. Arrangements were entrusted to Ward Funeral Home - Weston Chapel.

LORD, James MacArthur Phipps, born 21 April 1861 Jamaica, BWI, occupation General Merchant. Father John LORD b. England. Mother Mary Helen CAMPBELL b. England. Spouse Jeannie Lord. Died 28 July 1938 Vancouver, B.C. Registration #3732

LUE, Horace I. A., born St. James Bakery, Montego Bay, Jamaica, WI. Died Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 27th Nov. 2002, Toronto, age 55.
Reference Toronto Star Newspaper Obits, 1st Dec. 2002

LUKE, Robert (Bob) Douglas - Passed away after a short illness in Toronto at Scarborough Centenary Hospital on Friday, November 7, 2008. He leaves behind Grace his wife of 66 years, sons Peter and Tony and their wives Jackie and Lorna, and daughter Lana May and her husband Tony and their families - 11 grandchildren and 9 great- grandchildren. A service was held on November 13, 2008 at Community Alliance Church, 1 McCowan Rd., at Kingston Rd., Scarborough. Toronto Star Nov 12, 2008

LUTTRELL. Death of Right Hon. Simon LUTTRELL, Earl of Carhampton, father to her Royal Highness the Duchess, on the 14th ult. in Dublin. He married Judith Maria, daughter of the Right Hon. Sir Nicholas LAWES, late Governor of Jamaica, by whom he has left several children. (The London Daily Universal Register of 22 January 1787)

LYN-FATT, Mr. Leonard, born Jamaica,WI. Died Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, 24th May 2002.
Reference Toronto Star Newspaper Obits, 26th May 2002

LYN-KEE-CHOW, Gloria (nee Chen) September 4, 1933 - September 29, 2008 Passed away at home on Monday, September 29, 2008 with her husband Warwick by her side. She leaves children Donna, Robert and Mark, grandchildren Tovi, Timur and Oscar, daughters-in-law Dinara, and Lauren. Predeceased by her brother Karl, Gloria leaves behind siblings Marjorie, Trevor, Chester and Cindy. Born in Kingston, Jamaica. Funeral service October 3, 2008 at Sacred Heart Church, 4040 Nelthorpe St., Victoria, B.C. Victoria Times-Colonist Oct 2, 2008

LYONS, Greta Brandon -- On 13th May, 2004, in Toronto. Born Kingston, Jamaica, lived in Colon, Albuquerque and Los Angeles, returning to Jamaica to later marry and raise a family. Enjoyed 10 years in London, England, and 23 years in Toronto.. In her 85 years she touched many lives, will be missed by many and is survived by her two loving sons, Christopher and Phillip. MARSHALL FUNERAL HOME, 10366 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario, May 17, 2004 at 11:00 a.m. (The Globe and Mail, May 15, 2004)

MacDERMOT, John Henry born Jamaica, BWI age 25. Father Henry MacDERMOT, mother Mary LANGDON. Bride Eve Elvina SWIFT. Married 2 Feb. 1909 St. James Catholic Church, Vancouver, B.C. Registration #09-09-58476

MacKENZIE, Lieutenant-General (Ret'd) G. Allan, C.M.M., O.St.J., C.D., Honourary Chair of the Air Cadet League of Canada (Manitoba) Inc., passed away peacefully at the Victoria General Hospital on September 10, 2012. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica on December 15, 1931, the son of George Adam and Annette Louise MacKenzie. He attended Jamaica College from 1944-1948. He started his flying career with BOAC which led to his fulfilling his dream of moving to Canada in 1950 to join the Royal Canadian Air Force. He commenced his flying duties in 1952, advanced through the officer ranks, and in 1978 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-General and appointed Chief of Staff for the Canadian Air Force. In 1980, Allan elected to resign from the Air Force. He was decorated a Commander of the Order of Military Merit, an Officer of the Order of St. John's, and the Canadian Forces Decoration. He recently received the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal. Allan was predeceased by his first wife, Doris (nee Elliott), his siblings David (Mickey) and Audrey as well as his father and mother. He is survived by his wife, Valerie Ann and his two children Michael (Pam) and Barbara (Blain) as well as his grandchildren Lyndsey, Robyne, Marc, Kiera, Leanne and Rhys.
(Published in The Ottawa Citizen from September 14 to September 15, 2012)

McDERMOT, John Henry, born 23 Nov 1883 in Jamaica. Father Henry Miles Fleetwood McDermot b. Jamaica. Mother Mary Emily Langdon b.England. Wife Eva Elvina Swift. Died 5 Apr 1969 in Vancouver,B.C. Place of residence Vancouver, B.C.
Full Reference B.C.Vital Records (B.C.V.R) 1969 death registration #69-09-005430 (FHL) Film #2034056

McDONALD, John, 59, of Fort Lauderdale, passed away suddenly on Sunday, December 26, 2004 following a polo match. Jamaican-born businessman, McDonald too soon leaves his new wife, Bobbi Ocean-McDonald, whom he joyfully married just this past Christmas Eve surrounded by their families. He is also survived by his daughters Sarah, Minka and Sophie McDonald and stepchildren Chad Anscheutz and Jamie Stroud. Born June 27, 1945 to his beloved parents Douglas and Enid McDonald, he was brother to Malcolm McDonald, Denise McConnell and Judy Levy, all of Jamaica. (Published in the Sun-Sentinel, south Florida on 12/29/2004)

McDONALD, Kenneth - Late in the evening on Monday, May 29th, 2006, only nine days after his 88th birthday, we lost Kenneth George McDonald. Ken was born in Annotto Bay on the 20th of May, 1918. He is survived by his wife Barbara his daughters Deborah and Tracy his sons Butch, Marc, Shane, and David his mother-in-law Norah his sons and daughters-in-law Ian, Bridgette, Thomas, Kiko, and Angelica his brothers Doug, Gene and his sister Phyllis his grandchildren Sean, Jason, Heidi, Joshua, Austin, Ashlyn, Abagail, and the most recent, his namesake, Noa Kenichiro. Friends were received at the Andrews Community Funeral Centre, Brampton on Saturday, June 3rd, 2006. A Memorial Service was held in the funeral home chapel at 3:00 p.m.
Ken's parents were Hamilton McDonald and Deborah Stella DePass, the daughter of George DePass and Grace Aguilar.

McFARLANE, Vincent H., CD (Jamaica), CBE Peacefully on March 11, 2006, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Jamaican High Commissioner to Canada (1965-70) and Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium (1970-72) Permanent Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, Jamaica (1972-74). Retired to Ottawa with his beloved wife, Alice Joan (Jean) McFarlane (1914-2000), and relocated to Mississauga in 2003. Much loved father of John McFarlane, Walkerswood, Jamaica, and Hilary Russell, Washington DC devoted grandfather of Blake Russell, New York City. (from the Globe and Mail)

McKENZIE, Mrs. Gloria Veronica Constance, born 16th Feb. 1930, Kingston, Jamaica, WI. Died Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 21st June 2002, Toronto, age 72.
Reference Toronto Star Newspaper Obits, 25th June 2002

McKINLEY, Casilda Amelia Lewis M.D. On Thursday, March 22, 2012 at the Hamilton General Hospital, Dr. Casilda McKinley went home to be with her Lord and Saviour. Mother of Judy McKinley (Alan Christie) of Haida Gwaii, BC and Steve McKinley (Flavia Ferrero) of Toronto. Sister of Carmen Lewis and Mavis Lambert (Dennis Lambert). Also survived by her former spouse, Goldwin McKinley (Pauline). Dr. McKinley graduated from the University College of the West Indies in 1961. She returned to Canada in 1973 and took over a general Practice, which she continued until retirement in 2008. Funeral Service was held at West Highland Baptist Church, 1605 Garth Street, Hamilton on Friday, March 30, 2012. Interment in Mt Hamilton Cemetery.
From The Hamilton Spectator

McLAUGHLIN, Ernesto St. John, affectionately known as (Mackie) and (Babba), 87 years of age, resident of Johnstown, Ontario (formerly long term resident of London, Ontario) passed peacefully in his sleep 8 June, at the St Vincent Palliative Care Unit, Brockville General Hospital, Brockville, Ontario. Born 8 August, 1924, in Kingston, Jamaica, son of Gertrude and Arthur McLaughlin, predeceased by siblings Dorothy, Gerald, Oswald, Cedric, Stafford, Winston and Margaret. Survived by siblings Larenzo (Maxi), Gilbert, Leandro, Joy, Clement (Clem). Father to - Renaldo (Bob) (Katuma, Ethel), Claudette (David) & Andrew (Rachel). Grandfather to David Jnr, Lee (Lori) , Siann (Keith), Lynnette, Vanessa and Andrew. Great grandfather to Chais and Rylyn. Loving husband to Clarabell (Chin) for 65 years First job - worked at Biscuit Factory in Jamaica as a supervisor where he met Clarabell (China), and supported his siblings as well as he could. In 1952, he emigrated to London, England with China, Bobby & Claudette. He was foundry manager at Lesney, for 22 years. In 1974, Mackie, China and Andrew, emigrated to Canada (his dream country) and settled in London, Ontario. In 1971, he was joined by his daughter Claudette (David) and son David Jnr. In 1977, his son, Bob (Ethel) and two children Siann and Lynnette also emigrated to Canada. Visitation at the Irvine Memorial Chapel and Reception Centre, 2451 County Road 15, Maitland, ON. A memorial service and interment took place in London, Ontario.
(Published in The Ottawa Citizen on June 13, 2012)

McNAB, Rev. Canon Dr. John Ingram McNab, B.A., B.D., M.A., S.T.M., D.D., Ph.D. Born: September 7, 1932 in St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica. He was the youngest of 7 children and the only son of Revd. Daniel and Mrs. Muriel McNab. He died March 17, 2011 in Toronto, Canada, was a devoted scholar, teacher and cleric. He graduated from Jamaica College in 1950 and in the following year, joined the teaching staff of Kingston College for a year as Scripture Master before starting his university training at London University (B.D.) and continuing at McGill University for his S.T.M. (Master of Sacred Theology) and his Ph.D. He was prepared for ordination at St. Peter's Theological College in Kingston, Jamaica, made a deacon in 1956 and ordained a priest the following year, also in Jamaica. In his work in Jamaica, he served as assistant curate at St. Andrew's Parish Church, and he was also a founding Rector of the Church of the Ascension in Mona Heights, a chaplain at the University of the West Indies, and a chaplain and tutor at St. Peter's Theological College. He was the Warden of Anglican Students and the Deputy President at the United Theological College of the West Indies between 1965 and 1974and was appointed Canon of the Cathedral Chapter of St Jaga del Vega (Diocese of Jamaica) in 1968. He was appointed in 1974 as the Principal of Kingston College. In 1978, Dr. McNab went to Canada and became Rector of St. Paul's Church, Cote-des-Nieges, in the Diocese of Montreal. In 1982 he was appointed Diocesan Canon of the Cathedral in Montreal. In the same year, he became Director of Pastoral Studies at the Montreal Diocesan Theological College at McGill University and acted as Principal for two terms. Dr. McNab moved to Toronto in 2000 and served as an Honourary Assistant at St. Martin's, Bay Ridges, Pickering.

MCPHERSON, Lucy Isabel - Aged 95, passed away on Sunday, October 17, 2010 at the Markhaven Home for Seniors, leaving behind her daughters Sonia, Carole, Dawn and June and her family Mischa, Damon, Saskia, Matthew, Angus, Martin, Tristan, Jordan, Bronson, Trenton, Joshua, Noah, Malia, Esme, Eva, Louis, son-in-law Tony, Kurt, Steven, Joanna, Sarah, Aurelie, Yvonne, Teddy, Jackie, Trevor and their families as well her nieces and nephews. A funeral service was held at St. Matthew the Apostle Oriole Anglican Church, 80 George Henry Blvd., at 10 a.m. on Saturday, October 23, 2010. (Toronto Star)

MAGNUS, Christopher Wickham, Passed away peacefully on Thursday, February 9, 2006 surrounded by his family and friends. Beloved husband and companion of Judy, loving sons David Magnus and his wife Anne, Michael and his wife Kerrie and daughter Annie. Survived by grandchildren: Emily, Claire, Molly, Keavin and Michael Jr., brothers Anthony (Jamaica) and Richard (Miami). Visitation held Friday, February 10, 2006 at Scott Funeral Home-Mississauga Chapel. A Funeral Mass will be celebrated at St. Dominic Catholic Church, on Saturday, February 11, 2006 followed by interment at Glen Oaks Memorial Gardens.

MAGNUS, Mary Ethel. Father unknown b.Jamaica. Mother ? McGregor b.Jamaica. Spouse Isscchar Sigismund Magnus. Born 15th April 1901, Jamaica. Died 19th Oct.1977, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.
Full Reference British Columbia Vital Records (BCVR),1977, Death Registration 77-09-015452, Family History Library Film 2051017.

MAGNUS, Winnifred Eugenie (nee Swaby) passed peacefully on March 23rd, 2007 in her 98th year. Beloved wife of the late Archibald Lindo Magnus, loving mother of Ruth and her husband George Morris, and sister to Violet (deceased), William (deceased), Helen, Lilyan, John (deceased), Kathleen, Evie, Maurice (deceased), Hazel, Anne, Rosalie. Grandmother of Wayne Morris and Gillian Tews, and great-grandmother of Noah and Quinn Morris and Calay Tews. Solemn Funeral Eucharist was held on Wednesday, March 28th at St. Luke's Church.

MARTIN, Michael Graham suddenly passed away in the Dominican Republic on Sunday, February 26, 2012, at the age of 61. Husband of Rita Foord (Bonokoski). Father of Shaun Foord and his wife Philippa, and Jonathan (Colleen), and Justin Martin of Cayman Islands. Grand-father of Alannah, Owen, and Liam Foord, and Demitri Martin. Brother of Annita Charlton. Survived by his mother-in-law Marie Bonokoski. Predeceased by his parents Keith and Dorothy Martin of Jamaica, his father-in-law Martin Bonokoski, and his nephew John Charlton. Survived by his niece Melissa Charlton (Devonte Pennycooke), his many brothers and sisters-in-law, and nephews and nieces of the Bonokoski family. Cremation. A Service of Remembrance was celebrated at Smith's Funeral Home, 1167 Guelph Line Burlington on March 10, 2012
From The Hamilton Spectator

[Michael Martin was the son of Keith Beresford Martin & Dorothy Martin, nee Cook.]

MASSON. DEATHS - At Mount Hindmost Estate, Clarendon, Jamaica, Mr. Charles MASSON, son of Mr. James MASSON, Calton-Hill, Edinburgh. (The Edinburgh Advertiser of 10 February 1818)

MAXWELL, Marjorie Claire (nee Cover), born May 7th, 1935 in Kingston Jamaica W.I. died September 25th, 2006 in White Rock, B.C. Canada. Immigrating to Canada from Jamaica in 1958 with her husband John and their son Alastair, Marjorie and her family briefly settled in Winnipeg before coming out west to British Columbia. Having lived in Vancouver, Chilliwack and Vernon, Marjorie and John had three more children, Claire, Campbell and Edward and the family eventually settled down in White Rock where they spent 22 years together before John passed on. Marjorie was an artist and writer. She left her 4 children and 6 grandchildren, Wildey, Fergus, Gwyneth, Dash and Latham and also her brother Julian Cover from Toronto and sister Allison Feltis of Langley B.C. A memorial Service for Marjorie was held at the at St. Mark's Anglican Church in South Surrey.

MAXWELL, Patricia Muriel (née MacCulloch) - Died at Toronto Grace Health Centre on Monday, December 27, 2010 after a brief battle with lung cancer. Mother of John (Jonathan Warren) of Toronto, and Heather (Chris Klomp) of Georgetown, and grandmother of Joshua. Wife of the late Ronald Taylor Maxwell. Born May 9, 1929 in Kingston, Jamaica. Daughter of the late George Eustace MacCulloch and the late Victoria Rodrigues DaCosta MacCulloch. Predeceased by her sisters Gloria (Astley), Eileen and her brother Richard (Joan). Survived by her brothers Ernest, Ian (Sheila) and Stephen (Pauline). Service at 2 p.m. at Trull Funeral Home & Cremation Centre, 1111 Danforth Ave. (Toronto Star of December 28, 2010.)

MILLER, Wilhelmina Peacefully in her sleep on Friday, February 1, 2013 at the Maples Personal Care Home. Wilhelmina was born in Westmoreland Jamaica on July 19, 1926. From Jamaica she moved to England and then to Canada where Winnipeg became her home. A Memorial Service was held on March 2 at Thomson "In the Park" Funeral Home, 1291 McGillivray Boulevard with the Reverend Canon Henry Falconer officiating.
As published in the Winnipeg Free Press on February 28, 2013

MITCHELL, Pearl Hume, passed away on Sunday (June 20, 2004) at Saint Francis Hospital, Hartford. Pearl was born in May Pen, Clarendon, Jamaica, W.I., the daughter of Captain Walter Hume and Adelaide Brown Hume. In Manhattan with her father and beloved step mother, Mrs. Edna Hume, she attended Wadleigh Girls High School, Lincoln Hospital School of Nursing and New York University. She worked for the Department of Health in New York City and Connecticut as a Clinical Nurse. Pearl was a long time member of Saint Monica's Episcopal Church, the Altar Guild, and several nursing associations. Pearl is predeceased by her husband Horace S. Mitchell of 31 years. She is survived by her sister-in-law, Anne Excel nephew, Carlton Knight and his wife, Olive god daughters, Kim and Kristy Oliver, dear friends, Nell Oliver and Howard Tinker and a host of family and friends. Burial service on June 28, at Mountain View Cemetery, Bloomfield at 10 a.m. Hartford Courant (6/25/2004

MORAIS, Louis (Percy) Tragically as a result of a traffic accident on Sunday, December 30, 2007 in Toronto. Loving husband of Gayle. Father of Richard (Rita), Mark (Tamara) and Jacqueline. Grandfather of Brandon. Brother of Lorna. A celebration of Louis's life was held on Friday, January 4, 2008 at Eden United Church, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. [from the Toronto Star]

MORGAN, Mr. Renold Consantine, born Jamaica, WI. Died Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 8th April 2002.
Reference Toronto Star Newspaper Obits, 15th April 2002.

MORISON, John of Antigua, merchant, residing in Dumfries married in Dumfries, Scotland, 7/12/1761 to Katharine Copland, daughter of Alexander Copland of Collistoun in the parish of Crossmichael, Scotland.

MULLINGS, Frederick Ian, 54, died August 11, 2004. A native of Jamaica, he moved to Tampa Florida, USA in 1989. He is survived by his daughters, Jacqui, Nazle and Randi, and their mother Jeanie sisters, Deanna Burns and Marilyn duQuesnay of Canada and brother, Andrew Mullings of Jamaica. A memorial service held, September 4, 2004, at Corpus Christi Catholic Church of Temple Terrace, Florida (from the Tampa Tribune).

NATION, Ivy Claire - Suddenly, at the Rouge Valley Ajax - Pickering Hospital, on Thursday, November 10, 2005, at the age of 92. Beloved wife of the late Odienne Nation, and mother to the late Marcia Nation. Survived by her children Dave, Yvonne, Al, Dennis, Beverly, Noel and John. Loving grandmother of 20 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren. Also remembered by her brother Ernest Mignotte in Jamaica. Funeral Service will take place on Saturday, November 19th at 11 a.m. in ST.MARGARET'S IN-THE-PINES ANGLICAN CHURCH, 4130 Lawrence Avenue East. Burial to follow in St. Margaret's Churchyard.

NEWMAN, Mrs. Henrietta Frances, widow. Mother Anna Elizabeth Helen James b. Jamaica. Father George Wahrmann b. Germany. Spouse Charles Harper Newman. Born 18th July 1879, St. Catherine Parish, Jamaica, WI. Died Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 11th July 1957, Victoria, age 77, white.
Reference British Columbia Vital Records (BCVR) 1957 Death Registration #57-09-007611 Family History Library Film #2033183

NIXON - Christopher Parker Nugent Nixon died on 27 March 1842 and is buried at St Alfege, Greenwich.[ St. Alfege Register of Burials #2214, London Metropolitan Archives]

NIXON, nee EVANS - Lydia Mary was born about 1793-1794. She is shown in the 1851 England Census as being 57 years old. She died Oct-Dec 1860 and is buried at Thanet, Kent. ][England & Wales Death Index, p. 277]

NUNES, Fransis Mary Louise , b. St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica, age 22 years. Living in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, m 19 June 1909 Vancouver B.C. Father George Nunes. Mother Jane Hannah Godfree. Spouse Henry Elder Bullen. Registration #09-09-057698.

OGILVIE, Patricia Elaine
Passed away at Scarborough Grace Hospital on June 27, 2005, after a courageous fight with cancer. Predeceased? by her parents, Jack and Cherrie OGILVIE. She leaves behind a brother, Donovan and nephew, Sean. Service of Thanksgiving and Celebration for Patricia's Life was held on Saturday, July 2, 2005 at Saint Martin's Anglican Church, 1201 Saint Martin's Drive, Pickering, followed by Interment in the Church Garden.
Toronto Star 2005-06-29

In the 1820 will of Susannah Panchaud, a bequest is made to Frederick
Panchaud residing on Pantrepant estate on the Island of Jamaica (Trelawny)

PATTERSON, Ian George - 1922 - 2011 - of Upper Coverdale, New Brunswick, husband of Noëlla E. Richard, died at his residence on Monday, November 28, 2011 at the age of 89 years. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, on September 6, 1922, he was the son of Major Frank L. Patterson and Estelle (Bryant) both of Kingston. He volunteered for the Royal Air Force (RAF) and left Jamaica in June of 1941, enlisting in England in August 1941 and following training in England and in South Africa as an Air Navigator, Bomber and Air Gunner, performed 38 operations on Boston and Mosquito fighter-bombers from October 1943 to August 1944 over Europe, he was discharged in January 1947 with the rank of Flight Lieutenant. He returned to Jamaica in September 1946, then to Canada in November of 1946 where he resided ever since. Graduated from McGill University in 1950 and admitted to membership in the (then) Institute of Chartered Accountants of Quebec in 1953. He met his current widow Noella Richard at PACE in 1990. Besides his wife, Ian will be sadly missed by two daughters Linda Brytak (Alex) of Barrie ON, and Major Judy Patterson (Phillip Harris) of CFB Gagetown, NB son Daniel (Carole Granger) of Montreal five grandchildren Jordan, Martyn, Tristan (Lauren), Marie Ann Thérèse and Angélique two sisters Virginia Spicer of Saint Donat, QC, Joan McLaughlin of Tampa, FL, and one brother Robert of Tarrytown, NY also by several nieces and nephews. Besides his parents he was predeceased by three siblings, first Lt. Leslie of the Devonshire Regiment and British Commando in Germany in 1946, then by Joyce (Tom Matthews) 79 and subsequently by Sgt. Alan 2005 of the Royal Canadian Artillery, wounded at Ortona, Italy in 1943 and invalided back to Canada. Also predeceased by his first wife Marie-Therese (Mary) Ascoli 1981, mother of his three children and grandmother of five surviving grandchildren, and one predeceased grandson Ryan Brytak 2010. A funeral service was held at Riverview Funeral Home Chapel on Saturday December 3, 2011 (Obituary on Facebook -11/30/11)

PEART Alvin J. , 88, passed away February 4, 2012, at Hospice of Northwest Ohio Alvin was born August 11, 1923, in Spanish Town, Jamaica to George Augustus and Winifred (Robinson) Peart. Alvin moved to Toronto, Canada in 1965 and then to the United States in 1968. He was married to Hilda Gobern for sixty-four years. He received Christ at an early age and served as a cross bearer and alter boy at The Spanish Town Cathedral Church in Jamaica. He attended All Sants' Episcopal Church in Toledo, OH up until he became seriously ill. He leaves his wife, Hilda children, Janet Peart Dixon, Paulette Peart, Manley Peart, and Sonia Peart grandchildren, Joseph Peart, Ashley Peart, LaKeisha Peart, and Alexa Ashley 1 great-granddaughter, Jamilia Peart sisters, Daisy Mowatt and Gloria Sicard brothers, Basil Peart, Ripton Peart, and Wilfred Peart, and numerous many nieces and nephews. Wake service on February 14, 2012, followed by funeral service at All Saints Episcopal Church. Rev. Beverly Tasy officiant, with burial at Historic Woodlawn Cemetery.

PEART, Linford A., 78, died peacefully, July 6th, surrounded by his family at Radius Healthcare in Worcester MA., leaving his wife of 55 years, Gwendolyn Peart, three sons, Glendon A. Peart and his wife, Monica, Trevor L. Peart and his wife, Donna and Leighton S. Peart all of Worcester two daughters, Beverley H. Barrett and her husband, Ramsay of Worcester and Rosemarie A. Grant and her husband, Omar of Piscataway, NJ three sisters, Yvette Rose, of Brooklyn, NY, Avril Scarlette and her husband Roy, of Quebec, Canada and Conswela Ewen and her husband, Alva of Chudleigh, Jamaica nine grandchildren, eight great-grand children and many nephews, nieces and cousins. His brother, Gladstone Peart predeceased him.
Linford was born in Trelawney, Jamaica, the son of Cleveland C. and Veda (Carter) Peart. He was raised in Manchester where he attended Creighead School. He moved with his family to Kingston in 1957 where we worked as a trailer driver for P. O. Polock & Company for 28 years. The family lived in Duhaney Park and Linford was an active member of The Church of The Resurrection and a member of The Brotherhood of St. Andrew. In 1982 Linford immigrated to Worcester and became a member of All Saints Church, where he served as an usher. Linford attended New England Tractor Trailer School and worked as a trailer driver for Wright Brothers Construction Company, until his retirement in 2002. His funeral was held Friday, July 13th at All Saints Church, 10 Irving Street. Burial in Worcester County Memorial Park.

PEART, Lloyd Sterling , 73 years of age, passed away peacefully, on February 3rd, 2012 in Florida USA. He entered this world on March 18th, 1938 in St Elizabeth, Jamaica, the son of Charles and Lydia Peart. From Jamaica he moved to New York where he met and married Louise before moving to Florida. He is survived by his wife Louise, son Dave, sister Dasmine in England and brother Stafford in Jamaica, along with nieces, nephews, step-sons and step-daughters. The funeral service was held at the Monumental Faith Church, 4425 N. Powers Drive, Orlando, FL 32808. He was laid to rest in Woodlawn Cemetery, Gotha, FL.

PEART, Mrs. Rachel M. was born October 4, 1927 in Jamaica, daughter of the late Efram and Luna (Coach) Allen. She moved to Beverly Hills, Florida from Connecticut in 2003. She died August 31, 2013 in Lecanto, FL., aged 85. A Service of Remembrance was held on September 7, 2013 at the Church Without Walls in Hernando, where she was a member. Interment followed at Fero Memorial Gardens, Beverly Hills, Florida. Mrs. Peart was preceded in death by her sister, Etta Grey and her granddaughter, Keyanna Thomas Johnson. Survivors include daughters, Pamela M. Thomas and Francis Milbank, brothers, Allan Lawrente and Iva Lawrente, sisters, Verti Bell Awoniyi and Winifred Grant, 5 Grandchildren, and 9 Great Grandchildren.

PENGELLEY, Mr. Owen, served on Boards & Committees in Jamaica & Canadian Armed Forces 1943-1946. Spouse Barbara of 51 years. Born 29th June 1924, Port Morant, Jamaica, WI. Died Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada, 19th Jan 2000, age 76.
Reference The Vancouver Sun Newspaper, 22nd Jan 2000.


A cablegram to relatives residing in the Oranges announces the death in Kingston, Jamaica – on Monday, of Professor George R. Phillips, who was at one time a well known resident of Brooklyn. Professor Phillips was also well known in the Oranges. He was born at Montego Bay, Jamaica on July 16, 1834. He was educated at the Edinburgh Academy, where he was the 'dux' boy of his class, and in the Edinburgh University, he being the youngest man in the institution at the time. He was graduated at the age of 18, and then returned to Jamaica to take charge of his father's extensive business interests. He was a magistrate there and a leader in all public matters. On account of failing health, Professor Phillips and family came to the United States and settled in Brooklyn, where he resided for nine years. For part of this time he was superintendent of the Children's Aid Society. He was an active member of the Marey Avenue Baptist Church during his residence here. After leaving Brooklyn Professor Phillips resided in Maplewood, N.J., and the Oranges, but the severity of the winters again forced him to take up his residence in Jamaica. He was a major in the Jamaica volunteers during the Rebellion in the early 60s. In his career in New York he was successful in the cure of stammering and also in the teaching of elocution, being at one time principal of the New York School of Oratory. The funeral services will be held in Jamaica. Professor Phillips is survived by his wife and four daughters, who sailed for Jamaica yesterday. He also leaves five sons, Augustus L. Phillips of Philadelphia, Charles Stuart Phillips, the well know tenor of the Church of the Holy Trinity, under Dudley Buck: L. Rowley Phillips of Brooklyn, Harry H.S. Phillips of the Oranges and John R. Phillips of Chicago.

POPHAM, Rev. Charles Home , occupation Anglican Clergyman. b. 26 March 1884 Port Royal, Jamaica, BWI, living in Salt Spring Island, B.C. Father Dalton R.N. POPHAM, mother Emma Annie SACKVILLE-WEST spouse Edith Marion PARK. Died 12 Feb. 1955, Ganges Harbor, B.C. Registration # 1955-09-003189.

POWELL, "Danny" Daniel James Jr., O.D.
Born in Portland, Jamaica, October 5, 1926, passed away peacefully on Thursday, November 17, 2005 at York Central Hospital, Richmond Hill. Husband of 51 years to Marion, father of Yolanda Ann, Dan James III (Catherine) and two precious granddaughters, Brigette Traynor Powell and Jennifer Danielle Powell. Also sisters Joyce Powell, Merle Arnold, and Ena Kenley, brother Roy, deceased. Sisters and brothers in law, nieces and nephews is U.S.A. Cousins in Canada, United States and Jamaica.
Educated in St. Francis Xavier's Academy, Nassau, Bahamas, St. John's University, Collegeville, Minnesota, and Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois. Former member of the Diplomatic Corp, former first Trade Commissioner for Jamaica to Canada, appointed in 1971, former Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner for Jamaica to Canada, appointed in 1977, former secretary Consular Corps Association of Toronto in 1979. Awarded the Order of Distinction (Officer) in 1975 in Public Services, particularly in the area of Foreign Trade. Danny was a member of Our Lady Queen of the World Church in Richmond Hill, where he served as an usher. Funeral Mass is at Our Lady Queen of the World Catholic Church, 10411 Bayview Avenue, Richmond Hill, on Monday, November 21 at 10:30 a.m. Interment is at Holy Cross Cemetery.

POWELL-WRIGHT, Viola Ionie, born St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica, WI. Died Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 4th Oct. 2002.
Reference Toronto Star Newspaper Obits, Sat. 9th Oct 2002

PRENDERGAST, Adel D., 76, of Tampa, Florida, USA, passed away August 25, 2004 in Dade City, Florida. She is survived by her three children Naomi (Keith) Hall-Mason, Leopold Hall and Cleveland 14 grandchildren, Franklyn, Mark Hugh, Mark Rosman, Jamel, Dessie, Daniel, Josh, Felicia, Adam, Eleanor, Calvin, Casey, Leab and Miyah ten great- grandchildren, two sisters, one brother, nieces, nephews and a friend Harry. Funeral Services held Tuesday, August 31, 2004. Mrs. Prendergast was born July 21, 1928 in Kingston, Jamaica to Henry and Jane (Foulin) Prendergast. She was a seamstress in the clothing industry and a Catholic (from the Tampa Tribune).

PRIEUR, Jean Baptiste Adolphe.
Elizabeth or Elize d'Aquin (Jean's first wife, having died in Kingston, Jamaica, Adolphe Prieur with his children came to New Orleans. He is listed as a passenger aboard the Barque Archibald Gracie, arriving in New Orleans April 10, 1843 and is classified as a merchant, citizen of Kingston, Jamaica.
From Early New Orleans City Directory listings:
1846: Prieur, J.A., Bakery, on Elysian Fields Ave.
1850: Prieur, J.A., 35 Love Street
1855: Prieur, J.A., 50 Craps Street (to 1859)

PURCHAS, Frank Utten (1861-1909) medical practitioner, The Bank practice and Montgomeryshire Infirmary, Newtown b. Jamaica 1861 s. of Henry Martyn Purchas and Harriett Todd m. Elizabeth Pryce-Jones 1891 dau. Eleanor b.1896 Newtown. Educated at Godolphin School, Hammersmith and at Edinburgh University medical school qualifying M.B. 1888, M.D. 1890 worked firstly as medical officer in Scotland then as assistant to Dr Hall in Newtown became senior medical officer at Montgomeryshire Infirmary, parish medical officer for Bettws & Llanlwchaiarn and medical officer to post office. Died 31 Jan. 1909.
Obit. Montgomeryshire Express 2 Feb. 1909 and British Medical Journal 20 Feb. 1909 Montgomeryshire Collections, vol. 98, 2010.
[Purchas Obituary written and contributed by Rachael Jones.]

RAJPALSINGH, Mrs. Gladys (nee Phalai), born St. Mary Parish, Jamaica, WI. Died Oakville, Ontario, Canada, 18th Jan. 2003.
Reference Toronto Star Newspaper Obits, 20th Jan. 2003.

REDPATH - John (Ansel) J.P. (Jack) Died in Curacao N.A. February 10, 1995 after a brief illness. He leaves wife Phyllis, daughters Virginia La Croix and Janet Seth (U.K.), son Nicholas (U.K.), brothers Reginald (Canada) and Robert, sisters Jacqueline and Barbara (Canada), Cecily (U.K.), sons-in-law, daughter-in-law, 6 grandchildren and other relatives. Funeral Service and interment took place in Curacoa.

REDPATH, Reginald H. - Passed away peacefully on February 21, 2007 in his 90th year. Husband of Gloria.. Father of Chris (Anne), Sharon (Habeeb), Judy (John), Fred (Janice) and Jennie. Grandfather of Althea (USA), Suzanne, Kara, Kary, Adam, Aaron, Karisa, Seta and Amanda, and great-grandfather of Christian, Alexa, Chanel, Nathan and Elijah. Survived by sisters Cicely, and Barbara, brother Robert, sisters and brothers-in-law and nieces and nephews. Predeceased by brothers Bill and Jack and sister Jackie. Service in the chapel at The Simple Alternative Funeral Centre, 1057 Brock Road, Pickering, on Saturday, February 24, 2007

REID, Mrs. Miriam A. (nee Walker), born St. Catherine Parish, Jamaica, WI. Died Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 18th Oct 2002.
Reference Toronto Star Newspaper Obits, 31st Oct. 2002

REID, ROGER GLEN, born Jamaica, West Indies August 15, 1949, WO. in U. S. Army, died or missing in South Vietnam as a result of hostilities, declared dead March 31, 1971.

RERRIE, Anthony Alexander b. Jamaica, BWI, bachelor age 23 1/2 years, occupation Farmer. Residence Squamish, B.C.. Religion, Church of England. Father Anthony Bayley RERRIE, occupation Merchant. Mother Eliza Louisa HOLMES.
Bride Florence Evelyn COX, b. Jamaica, BWI, spinster age 23 1/2 years. Residence Roseabella, Quadra St., Victoria, B.C. Religion, Church of England. Father Dr. John Leslie COX, occupation Doctor. Mother Florence Nugent Godrey?
Marriage 16 Sept. 1914 St. Stephen's Park Church, Presbyterian, North Vancouver, B.C. Registration # 32930. Witnesses Arthur Patrick Pratt and Blanche C. Loutet.

ROBERTS, Nigel, passed away on Wednesday, January 30, 2008 at Credit Valley Hospital in his 85th year. Beloved husband of Zena. Father of Stephen (Mary) and the late C. Ian (Daisy). Grandfather of Stacy (Shane), Scott, Mark (Sarah) and Melina (H.J.) and great-grandfather of Samantha, Seth and Addison. Brother of Rosemary Watkins (David). Funeral Service in the Glen Oaks Memorial Chapel, Oakville on Tuesday, February 5th 2008, followed by cremation.

ROBERTS, Ruth Agatha, born 20 Dec. 1867 Jamaica, BWI. Father John Angel ROBERTS b. Jamaica, BWI. Mother Margaret YOUNG b. Jamaica, BWI. Died 23 Oct. 1945 Vancouver, B.C. Registration # 7372.

ROBERTSON. DEATHS - At Kingston, Jamaica, J. ROBERTSON, Esq., late Colonel in his Majesty's service, and Brigadier-General in the Independent Army of South America. (The Edinburgh Advertiser of 02 January 1816)

ROBINSON, Florence, died peacefully on Monday, November 4, 2013 at the age of 91. Beloved wife of the late Milton. mother of Keith Woleston (Shirley), Violet Green, and Joanne Robinson (Trevor Bailey), grandmother of Kelsey Francis, Tamara Woleston, Tyrone Bailey, Nigel Woleston, Peter Green and Tristan Bailey, ggreat-grandmother of Keysean, Giovanni and Kingston Francis. Dear sister of Doris Holness and predeceased by Eliza Wallace. Florence will be deeply missed by her family in Jamaica and Canada. Funeral Service Friday, November 8 at The Life Centre, 2214 Innes Road, and Interment at Beechwood Cemetery.