U.S. Casualties in Operation Iraqi Freedom November 2004 - History

U.S. Casualties in Operation Iraqi Freedom November 2004 - History

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140Total Casualties
#Service MemberAgeDate
01Sgt. Charles J. Webb2203 Nov 2004
02Spc. Cody L. Wentz2104 Nov 2004
03Cpl. Jeremiah A. Baro2104 Nov 2004
04Lance Cpl. Jared P. Hubbard2204 Nov 2004
05Sgt. Carlos M. Camacho-Rivera2405 Nov 2004
06Pvt. Justin R. Yoemans2006 Nov 2004
07Spc. Quoc Binh Tran2607 Nov 2004
08Spc. Brian K. Baker2707 Nov 2004
09Lance Cpl. Sean M. Langley2007 Nov 2004
10Sgt. 1st Class Otie J. McVey5307 Nov 2004
11Spc. Bryan L. Freeman3108 Nov 2004
12Cpl. Nathaniel T. Hammond2408 Nov 2004
13Lance Cpl. Shane K. O'Donnell2408 Nov 2004
14Lance Cpl. Jeffrey Lam2208 Nov 2004
15Staff Sgt. Clinton L. Wisdom3908 Nov 2004
16Spc. Don A. Clary2108 Nov 2004
17Lance Cpl. Branden P. Ramey2208 Nov 2004
18Staff Sgt. David G. Ries2908 Nov 2004
19Cpl. Robert P. Warns II2308 Nov 2004
20Lance Cpl. Thomas J. Zapp2008 Nov 2004
21Cpl. Joshua D. Palmer2408 Nov 2004
22Lance Cpl. Abraham Simpson1909 Nov 2004
23Sgt. David M. Caruso2509 Nov 2004
24Cpl. William C. James2409 Nov 2004
25Lance Cpl. Nicholas D. Larson1909 Nov 2004
26Lance Cpl. Nathan R. Wood1909 Nov 2004
27Command Sgt. Maj.
Steven W. Faulkenburg
4509 Nov 2004
28Sgt. Lonny D. Wells2909 Nov 2004
29Lance Cpl. Juan E. Segura2609 Nov 2004
30Staff Sgt. Todd R. Cornell
Duplicate Dod Release
3809 Nov 2004
31Staff Sgt. Russell L. Slay2809 Nov 2004
32Master Sgt. Steven E. Auchman3709 Nov 2004
33Maj. Horst G. Moore3809 Nov 2004
34Spc. Travis A. Babbitt2409 Nov 2004
35Sgt. John B. Trotter2509 Nov 2004
36Staff Sgt. Michael C. Ottolini4510 Nov 2004
37Pfc. Dennis J. Miller, Jr.2110 Nov 2004
381st Lt. Dan T. Malcom Jr.2510 Nov 2004
39Lance Cpl. Erick J. Hodges2110 Nov 2004
40Lance Cpl. Aaron C. Pickering2010 Nov 2004
41Staff Sgt. Gene Ramirez2810 Nov 2004
42Cpl. Romulo J. Jimenez II2110 Nov 2004
43Petty Officer Third
Class Julian Woods
2210 Nov 2004
44Lance Cpl. Wesley J. Canning2110 Nov 2004
45Lance Cpl. Justin D. Reppuhn2011 Nov 2004
46Cpl. Theodore A. Bowling2511 Nov 2004
47Cpl. Peter J. Giannopoulos2211 Nov 2004
48Spc. Thomas K. Doerflinger2011 Nov 2004
49Staff Sgt. Sean P. Huey2811 Nov 2004
50Staff Sgt. Theodore S. Holder II2711 Nov 2004
512nd Lt. James P. Blecksmith2411 Nov 2004
52Lance Cpl. Kyle W. Burns2011 Nov 2004
53Spc. Raymond L. White2212 Nov 2004
54Cpl. Jarrod L. Maher2112 Nov 2004
55Sgt. Morgan W. Strader2312 Nov 2004
56Lance Cpl. Branning2112 Nov 2004
57Lance Cpl. Brian A. Medina2012 Nov 2004
58Cpl. Anderson2212 Nov 2004
59Cpl. Brian P. Prening2412 Nov 2004
601st Lt. Edward D. Iwan2812 Nov 2004
61Sgt. Jonathan B. Shields2512 Nov 2004
62Lance Cpl. Nicholas H. Anderson1912 Nov 2004
63Sgt. James C. Matteson2312 Nov 2004
64Cpl. Kevin J. Dempsey2313 Nov 2004
65Lance Cpl. Justin M. Ellsworth2013 Nov 2004
66Sgt. Byron W. Norwood2513 Nov 2004
67Spc. Jose A. Velez2313 Nov 2004
68Lance Cpl. Benjamin S. Bryan2313 Nov 2004
69Lance Cpl. Victor R. Lu2213 Nov 2004
70Lance Cpl. McLeese1913 Nov 2004
71Capt. Sims3213 Nov 2004
72Pfc. Cole W. Larsen1913 Nov 2004
73Sgt. Catalin D. Dima3613 Nov 2004
74Cpl. Nicholas L. Ziolkowski22
75U/I pending notification of next-of-kin14 Nov 2004
76Cpl. Dale A. Burger Jr.2114 Nov 2004
77Cpl. Andres H. Perez2114 Nov 2004
78Lance Cpl. George J. Payton2014 Nov 2004
79Lance Cpl. Jeramy A. Ailes2215 Nov 2004
80Lance Cpl. Travis R. Desiato1915 Nov 2004
81Sgt. Rafael Peralta2515 Nov 2004
82Cpl. Marc T. Ryan2515 Nov 2004
83Lance Cpl. James E. Swain2015 Nov 2004
84Pfc. Isaiah R. Hunt2015 Nov 2004
85Lance Cpl. Bradley L. Parker1915 Nov 2004
86Lance Cpl. Shane E. Kielion2315 Nov 2004
87Capt. Patrick Marc M. Rapicault3415 Nov 2004
88Lance Cpl. Antoine D. Smith2215 Nov 2004
89Lance Cpl. William L. Miller2215 Nov 2004
90Cpl. Lance M. Thompson2115 Nov 2004
91U/I pending notification of next-of-kin16 Nov 2004
92Pfc. Jose Ricardo Flores-Mejia2116 Nov 2004
93Spc. Daniel James McConnell2716 Nov 2004
94Staff Sgt. Marshall H. Caddy2716 Nov 2004
951st Lt. Luke C. Wullenwaber2416 Nov 2004
96Sgt. Christopher T. Heflin2616 Nov 2004
97Lance Cpl. Louis W. Qualls2016 Nov 2004
98Lance Cpl. Michael W. Hanks2217 Nov 2004
99Lance Cpl. Luis A. Figueroa2118 Nov 2004
100Sgt. Joseph M. Nolan2718 Nov 2004
101Lance Cpl. Dimitrios Gavriel2919 Nov 2004
102Lance Cpl. Phillip G. West1919 Nov 2004
103Cpl. Bradley T. Arms2019 Nov 2004
104Lance Cpl. Demarkus D. Brown2219 Nov 2004
105Lance Cpl. Michael A. Downey2119 Nov 2004
106Spc. David L. Roustum2220 Nov 2004
107Sgt. Jack Bryant Jr.2320 Nov 2004
108Cpl. Joseph J. Heredia2220 Nov 2004
109Lance Cpl. Joseph T. Welke2020 Nov 2004
110U/I pending notification of next-of-kin21 Nov 2004
111Cpl. Michael R. Cohen2322 Nov 2004
112Spc. Blain M. Ebert2222 Nov 2004
113Sgt. Benjamin C. Edinger2423 Nov 2004
114Sgt. Nicholas S. Nolte2524 Nov 2004
115Spc. Sergio R. Diazvarela2124 Nov 2004
116Pfc. Ryan J. Cantafio2225 Nov 2004
117Lance Cpl. Jeffery S. Holmes2025 Nov 2004
118Cpl. Gentian Marku2225 Nov 2004
119Pvt. Grant3126 Nov 2004
120Pfc. Harrison J. Meyer2026 Nov 2004
121Lance Cpl. Bradley M. Faircloth2026 Nov 2004
122Lance Cpl. Jordan D. Winkler1926 Nov 2004
123Lance Cpl. David B. Houck2526 Nov 2004
124Sgt. Smith2426 Nov 2004
125Spc. Jeremy E. Christensen2727 Nov 2004
126Cpl. Kirk J. Bosselmann2127 Nov 2004
127Lance Cpl. Joshua E. Lucero1927 Nov 2004
128Sgt. Trinidad R. Martinezluis2228 Nov 2004
129Staff Sgt. Michael B. Shackelford2528 Nov 2004
130Sgt. Carl W. Lee2328 Nov 2004
131Lance Cpl. Adam R. Brooks2028 Nov 2004
132Lance Cpl. Charles A. Hanson Jr.2228 Nov 2004
133Pfc. Stephen C. Benish2028 Nov 2004
134Sgt. Christian P. Engeldrum3929 Nov 2004
135Pfc. Wilfredo F. Urbina2929 Nov 2004
136Spc. Daryl A. Davis2029 Nov 2004
137Spc. Erik W. Hayes2429 Nov 2004
138Lance Cpl. Blake A. Magaoay2029 Nov 2004
139Sgt. Pablo A. Calderon2630 Nov 2004
140Sgt. Jose Guereca, Jr.2430 Nov 2004

U.S. Relations With Nigeria

The United States established diplomatic relations with Nigeria in 1960, following Nigeria’s independence from the United Kingdom. From 1966 to 1999, Nigeria experienced a series of military coups, excluding the short-lived second republic between 1979 and 1983. The 30-month long civil war, which ended in January 1970, resulted in 1-3 million casualties. Following the 1999 inauguration of a civilian president, the U.S.-Nigerian relationship began to improve, as did cooperation on foreign policy goals such as regional peacekeeping.

Nigeria is the largest economy and most populous country in Africa with an estimated population of over 200 million, which is expected to grow to 400 million by 2050 and become the third most populous country in the world after China and India. Nigeria had an estimated gross domestic product of 448 billion USD in 201 9 . Although Nigeria’s economy has become more diversified, crude oil sales have continued to be the main source of export earnings and government revenues. Despite persistent structural weaknesses such as a deficient transportation infrastructure, the Nigerian economy grew briskly for the decade ending in 2013. I n 2016 and 2017 Nigeria experienced its first recession in over two decades before rebounding in 2018. Before COVID-19, the Nigerian economy was expected to grow by 2.1% in 2020. The collapse in oil prices coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to lead to a severe economic recession, the worst since the 1980s, according to the World Bank. Inflation hit 13.74 percent in September 2020 , a two-year high, and is expected to pass 14 percent by December 2020 . Nigeria’s economy could contract as much as 8.9 percent in 2020 . With more than 60% of the population living in poverty , the recession is exp ected to make an even greater number of households vulnerable to unemployment and food insecurity .

In the 2015 presidential elections, for the first time in the country’s history, an opposition party won the presidency and control of the National Assembly in generally clean and transparent elections. Notwithstanding important steps forward on consolidating democracy, the country continues to face the formidable challenges of terrorist attacks, inter-communal conflicts, crime and kidnapping, and public mistrust of the government. Nigeria has yet to develop effective systems to address corruption, poverty, and ineffective social service delivery.

President Muhammadu Buhari won a second four-year term in February 2019. The United States continues to support Nigerian institutions and the Nigerian people in their efforts to conduct free, fair, transparent, and peaceful elections, the results of which reflect the will of the Nigerian people.

In April 2018, President Trump hosted President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria at the White House to discuss efforts to deepen our mutually beneficial relationship. Since 2010, under the U.S.-Nigeria Binational Commission (BNC), a forum for high-level discussions, the two countries have met regularly. The most recent BNC was held on February 3 , 2020, in Washington D.C. and attended by an inter-agency delegation headed by Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama and Under Secretary of State David Hale . The BNC meetings have focused on key areas of mutual interest, including good governance and anti-corruption trade and investment development and food security and security and counter-terrorism efforts.

In April 2021, U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken conducted a virtual visit to Nigeria, participating in meetings with President Buhari and Foreign Minister Onyeama and participating in a health partnership event, highlighting the United States’ commitment to assisting Nigeria in combatting infectious diseases and advancing global health security .

U.S. Assistance to Nigeria

Through U.S. assistance in Nigeria, the U.S. Government works to protect Americans from terrorism and disease, create opportunity for trade and investment, and support a more stable and prosperous country that is a partner in advancing our global priorities. Through U.S. foreign assistance, the U.S. Government is supporting Nigerian efforts to strengthen democratic institutions, promote good governance and counter corruption, and improve security while addressing the factors that drive conflict and providing life-saving assistance to those affected by terrorism. U.S. assistance also aims to build institutional capacity in the provision of health and education services and increase agricultural productivity and food security. M ore details on foreign assistance to Nigeria can be found here .

Bilateral Economic Relations

The United States is the largest foreign investor in Nigeria, with U.S. foreign direct investment concentrated largely in the petroleum/mining and wholesale trade sectors. At $ 3 .2 billion in 201 9 , Nigeria is the second largest U.S. export destination in Sub-Saharan Africa. The United States and Nigeria have a bilateral commercial investment dialogue, led by the Department of Commerce, and was last convened at the ministerial level in February 2020 . In 201 9 , the two-way trade in goods between the United States and Nigeria totaled over $ 10 billion. U.S. exports to Nigeria include wheat, vehicles, machinery, kerosene, lubricating oils, jet fuel, civilian aircraft, and plastics. Nigerian exports to the United States included crude oil, cocoa, cashew nuts, and animal feed. Nigeria is eligible for preferential trade benefits under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).

Bilateral Security Cooperation

Nigeria is an important U.S. security partner in Africa. Nigeria is engaged in intensive efforts to defeat terrorist organizations within its borders, including Boko Haram and ISIS-West Africa (ISIS-WA). Nigeria is a vital member of the Defeat ISIS (D-ISIS) coalition and in October 2020, Nigeria co-hosted a virtual D-ISIS conference with the U nited States.

Nigeria’s Membership in International Organizations

Nigeria and the United States belong to a number of the same international organizations, including the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and World Trade Organization. Nigeria also is an observer to the Organization of American States.

Bilateral Representation

The U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria is Mary Beth Leonard other principal embassy and consulate officials are listed in the Department’s Key Officers List.

Nigeria maintains an embassy in the United States at 3519 International Place, NW, Washington, DC 20008, (tel: 202-800-7201, ext 113).

More information about Nigeria is available from the Department of State and other sources, some of which are listed here:

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